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Need help on portal 2 requirements for Mac. ?

I have portal 2 for Mac. The processor requirement for it is intel core 2 duo. My mac will have intel i5 which is better than intel i3 Which is better than intel core 2 duo. The requirement just says intel core 2 duo and not intel core 2 duo or greater so will it still run it?

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    Yeah when they put out requirements, its the minimum you need. You will easily be able to run Portal 2, if you have an at least decent graphics card that comes with your computer :)

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    That's the MINIMUM requirements, which very clearly implies Core 2 Duo OR GREATER. Why in the hell would they only make it run on a single version of an aging CPU?

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i wouldn't recomend it. you'll have long load times, lag spikes, frequent crashes even at completely minimum settings. you might be able to launch it, but it wouldn't be a worthwhile experience.

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