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Questions for jehovah witness brothers and sisters about the great tribulation, and self defense?

Ok I know we are so close to the end and the tribulation could start anytime now.

So im worried that in the tribulation someone will try to hurt me, first off, im not stupid and id never let someone hurt me or try to take my life. Being a witness does not mean standing there and getting stabbed 10 times just to prove you love jehovah. I will defend myself by any means, i wont purposly kill someone, but ill defend myself any way necessary.

How will people act towards us, what will the atmosphere be like in the tribulation, will it be people acting crazy?

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    JWs claim only they are Christians and claim all other Christians are not Christian! But compare the bible and christian beliefs with the JW beliefs and it is as plain as day that JWs only claim to be christian because they are afraid to stand up as an entirely separate religion!

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    If you know chinese, why not show her how much you apreciate her efforts and offert to acompany her to the memorial in Chinese? I am sure she will feel very good to have you there to acompany her. If you don't understand chinese, do you think she will still be encouraged if you acompany her? Remember that you work to maintain your family. It is just a means to paying for the necesities of life. If you get an oportunity to simplify your life and maybe cut down on the hours or even get another job that will still help you pay the bills but have more time for atlest the meetings and preaching, then that would be great. But in the meantime, do all you can to support your wife and be a good husband. You came back because you know it is where we belong and the only place where we can be truly happy. She is learning that now and needs your help. Shoulder that responsiblity with joy and enjoy serving Jehovah together, My wife and I live for Jehovah and we have no regrets. I could not have asked for a better marriage life. You'll see! (Joshua 24:15) . . .But as for me and my household, we shall serve Jehovah.” Best regards Knowledge + Application = Wisdom

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    Read the book of Daniel; see how his three young friends handled themselves?

    Just to prove you love Jehovah? That is everything, or don't you believe he can give you life back?

    ''Jesus said to her; ''I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life, and everyone that is living and exercises faith in me will never die at all. Do you believe this?'' -John11: 25,26

    The fact is, Jesus is our mediator and Jehovah's representative, and that he kept his integrity until death, if we too follow his example we will be victorious and will have Jehovah's favor.

    Do not waste time fearing something that has not happened. Put your trust in Jehovah, have faith in your king and stand firm. Faith can move mountains, where as fear is one of Satan's prime tools.

    Additional detail: Keep in mind that ''He's Alive'' or Joseph Z is an apostate and his only reason according to him for being here is to expose what he believes are lies and, or to turn people away from worshiping Jehovah. He is sadly a very angry man, as he dissociated himself and now his son will no longer associate with him. Thus he has turned his hurt feelings and anger toward all Jehovah's Witnesses, and for some reason he feels he needs to mention my comments in his A.Details.

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    There are many accounts of Jehovah standing up in behalf of the nation of Israel. When they left Egypt as well as many battles with pagan nations around and in the promised land. The key to them being successful was their implicit trust in Jehovah. Listening and obeying. Also there is the account of the many christians who fled Jerusalem, at Jesus instructions, before Rome could destroy it.

    (Revelation 21:3-4) With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

    He will protect us like a tent shielding us from the wicked elements.

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    Searchi. Jesus is not God sweet heart he's the son of God. When he was on earth he gave all the praise to his father in heaven even praying to his father when he was on earth. He told the disciples that ''the Father is Greater than I am''. When the disciples asked, how should we pray (Matthew 6:9), who did Jesus tell them to pray to? Col 1:13 says that Jesus is the firstborn of all creation, meaning he was born. Jehovah, the most high over all the earth (Psalms 83:18) has always been in existence. These are a few basic truths, but to understand Micheal being Jesus u first have to understand who Jesus really is.

    Source(s): Jehovah Witness Bible
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    Satan’s system will go down fighting in an all-out final assault against Jehovah’s peaceful Witnesses. Doubtless, it will be a difficult time for all of us—adults and children alike. Nevertheless, we should not be unduly fearful about the future. The good news is that parents who are faithful to Jehovah can hope to be protected along with their young children. (Read Isaiah 26:20, 21; Zeph. 2:2, 3; 1 Cor. 7:14)

    At the head of an army of powerful angels and, no doubt, Jesus' resurrected brothers, he will destroy Satan’s entire political, military, and commercial system on earth. (Rev. 2:26, 27; 19:11-21) Christ’s conquest will be complete when he destroys Satan’s wicked system. Then he will abyss Satan and the demons for a thousand years.—Rev. 20:1-3.

    About the Great Tribulation - When we consider the tribulation that this world has already experienced, such as in World War II when an estimated 50 to 60 million lives were lost, the coming great tribulation will be very severe indeed. It will reach its climax in the battle of Armageddon. That is when Jehovah will unleash his executional forces to destroy every vestige of Satan’s earthly system.—Rev. 16:14, 16.

    Bible prophecy does not give a date for the first phase of the great tribulation to begin, though it does tell us what extraordinary event will signal its start. That event is the destruction of all false religion by the political powers. In Bible prophecies found in Revelation chapters 17 and 18, false religion is likened to a harlot who has had immoral intercourse with the political systems of the earth. Revelation 17:16 shows that the time will soon come when these political elements “will hate the harlot and will make her devastated and naked, and will eat up her fleshy parts and will completely burn her with fire.”

    When the time comes for that to happen, God will “put it into their [the political rulers’] hearts to carry out his thought” to destroy all false religion. (Rev. 17:17) So this destruction can be said to come from God. It is his judgment against hypocritical religion that for so long has taught doctrines contrary to God’s will and that has persecuted his servants. The world in general does not anticipate this coming destruction of false religion. But Jehovah’s faithful servants do. And throughout these last days, they have been telling people about it.

    It will be a great shock for people to see false religion destroyed. Bible prophecy shows that even some of “the kings of the earth” are going to declare regarding that destruction: “Too bad, too bad, . . . because in one hour your judgment has arrived!” (Rev. 18:9, 10, 16, 19) The Bible’s use of the words “one hour” shows that this event will take place relatively swiftly.

    We understand that some time after false religion has been destroyed, there will be an attack on Jehovah’s servants, who have been proclaiming his judgment messages. (Ezek. 38:14-16) When that attack begins, the attackers will have to confront Jehovah, who promises to protect his faithful people. Jehovah declares: “In my ardor, in the fire of my fury, I shall have to speak. . . . And they will have to know that I am Jehovah.” (Read Ezekiel 38:18-23.) God states in his Word: “He that is touching you [his faithful servants] is touching my eyeball.” (Zech. 2:8) So when his enemies begin their global assault on his servants, Jehovah will respond. He will move into action, which will lead to the final phase of the great tribulation—its Armageddon climax. Under Christ’s command, powerful angelic forces will execute Jehovah’s judgments against Satan’s world.

    Wickedness is now more abundant than in any other time in history. Satan has devised many things to prevent people from doing Jehovah’s will or simply to distract them. As God’s servants, we know this, and we do not want to allow anything to undermine our loyalty to God. We also know what is shortly going to take place, and we put our confidence in Jehovah and his purposes. How vital it is that we remain vigilant!

    We have every reason to believe that Jehovah will use His powerful spirit to protect his people during the approaching great tribulation. We need not speculate about exactly how Jehovah will care for us then. Rather, we can look to the future with confidence, knowing that lovers of Jehovah will never be hidden from his view or beyond the reach of his holy spirit.—2 Chron. 16:9; Ps. 139:7-12.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I am not a Jehovah's Witness, but your question tells me you fear man...

    They already are acting crazy. Jesus said; "He who lives by the sword, shall by it perish". If you are serving God, you will not have any fear of what Man can do to you.

    Self defense is Christian, stopping an assault can be a very traumatic experience.

    Stay close to God, and if that day comes to you, remember to Yield to anger, and try your best to be a sheep-like one, perhaps you will escape unharmed. Do not fear men...Perfect Love, casts out all fear.

    Love God and Jesus.

    Just-a-man, you are telling this man that your mediator is Jesus? He is only mediator to the 144,000 according to your folklore...if this young man doesn't know this teaching, you had better show him! Or he might put all his faith in Jesus..and not the GB.

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    1 Peter 4:7 - The end is at hand.

    You know when that was written, right? 2000 years ago! We don't know what you say, "we are so close to the end". Peter certainly thought that and we are still here.

    Keep it real.

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    Ppl r not going to try to kill u unless u believe Jesus is God like the bible says, if u believe He is just an angel like most jehovahs witnesses believe then they will not harm u caus ur going to the same place they are. Satan dosent care if u believe Jesus was an angel or is an angel He cares if u believe Jesus is God, Satan knows that is the path to salvation and those r the ppl Jesus is coming back to get. Satan is the spirit at work in those who will kill the Christians they do not try to kill the Jehovhas witnesses.. The bible says plainly in Hebrews one Jesus is not nor was He ever an angel, I hope u dont believe that. Caus that is a path to hell and ppl will not try to kill u cause they want ppl to renounce Christ as God or die but if u don't believe He is God u won't b killed by them but u won't go to heaven either. U need to be Christian to be persecuted and killed in the last days.. if u believe in Jesus as God then u r a Christian and when/if ppl try to kill u then trust in God for His mercy and protection and die if He let's u die.. He will have great things waiting for u, and u won't remember the things they did to u, but they will have hell to look forward to unless they repent. So don't worry, God has it all in control no matter what ppl do.

    Source(s): God, bible.
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    Put your confidence in Jehovah, and let him be your protection.

    "None of us, in fact, lives with regard to himself only, and no one dies with regard to himself only; 

    for both if we live, we live to Jehovah, and if we die, we die to Jehovah.

    Therefore both if we live and if we die, we belong to Jehovah."---Romans 14:7-8

    "Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not gaze about, for I am your God. I will fortify you. I will really help you. I will really keep fast hold of you with my right hand of righteousness."---Isaiah 41:10

    The action of self defense is not necessary when faithful ones are attacked for being Jehovah's Witnesses. IF it just typical criminal acts that you are worried about, reasonable defensive acts are OK. But it sounds like you are trying to plan them, and are relying on your own abilities rather than the wisdom of Jehovah. . .

    "This is what Jehovah has said: 'Cursed is the able-bodied man who puts his trust in earthling man and actually makes flesh his arm, and whose heart turns away from Jehovah himself'."---Jeremiah 17:5

    It makes no difference how people may act. Jehovah will provide all the protection that faithful ones need. Why are you so frightened of death? Do you have doubts about your relationship with Almighty Jehovah? IF so:

    "Draw close to God, and he will draw close to You.

    Cleanse Your hands, You sinners, and purify Your hearts, You indecisive ones."---James 4:8

    "Armageddon---A Happy Beginning"

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    What Jesus did the night he was caught??

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