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Some say the 2012 GOP field is weak. Don't you think the 2008 GOP field was much weaker?

I think the 2012 GOP choices are great compared to 2008. In 2008 we only had one conservative running and a bunch of moderates. Thompson was the only conservative and he acted like he didn't even want to run. After Thompson drops out and Rudy G, shoots himself in the head by not getting in the race soon enough that left Romney as the best choice. Romney is my 8th choice with 7 more qualified candidates above him this time around. Don't get me wrong if Romney wins the GOP I will support him over O'Bummer.

Don't you think there are better choices this time vs last time?


Smarty Pants - You are wrong about the conservatives. Here are the numbers.

40% conservative, 30% Moderates and 30% Leftist Liberal Progressives. The Republican Party is made up of 60% conservatives and 40% moderates. The other conservatives are independents and a few of them are democrats (remember Reagan Democrats). What we need is a real conservative to win against a real fascist. Don't you think the moderates would choose a conservative over the Mussolini style fascist?

Update 2:

Smarty Pants - What I fear is two conservatives will compete against 1 moderate for and the moderate will win because the other split the conservative vote. That is how we got the horrible McCain. It looks like Romney will be the Moderate winner if the conservatives split the vote this time. If that happens Romney will get 35% of the 40% conservative vote because 5% will stay home, and then he will split the 30% moderate vote with O'Bummer and it will be a 51-49% race. O'bummer could still win with the illegal vote going 95% Democrat.

Update 3:

Ethan - They are lessor know now, but they won't be a year from now. Also they are all more qualified than McCain who ended up winning in 08. Is that a clear example of how this field is stronger, they are all better than McCain.

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    Jimmy, what is weak about Herman Cain or Rick Santorum. Even Bristol Palin has more upstairs, than Mr. Irish LepreCON Obama. I can't believe he fled the Country after the Deadliest Tornado Disaster since 1925. Joplin MO has been destroyed beyond comprehension. Dead Children...enough of this Muslim Chump...Obama can keep his Change back in an Irish Pub. Last CALL for OBAMAHOL !

    Source(s): Herman Cain 2012 ME - Former Playboy Bunny Waitress....I know an Obama Drunk when I see one LAST CALL for OBAMAHOL! - The Rise and Fall during Last Call for Hussein Obama
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    No. McCain has the respect of many on both sides of the aisle. He should have been the candidate in 2000, and many Democrats and independents would have crossed over to vote for him. Karl Rove used some pretty dirty tactics to win the nomination for Bush Jr. If he hadn't made the disastrous error of Palin, the election might have been closer.

    As a Democrat, I would have voted for McCain in 2000. I did not vote for Bush. In 2008, the Palin choice demonstrated that McCain's time has passed. He is too old and having such a complete incompetent for VP is too scary.

    Reagan Democrats were not conservative democrats. They were centrists. Conservative democrats are now the base for Republicans as a result of the Southern Strategy. Remember the "Southern Strategy"?

    The whole notion of defining political parties as conservative or liberal is very new. Those of us that have been politically active for five decades or more know that the Republican party hijacked the conservative movement and the Christian right as part of their "Southern Strategy" after the civil rights act passed.

    They knew that signing civil rights into law and ending segregation would endear minorities to the Democratic party. So they actively went after those with racist leanings to woo them into the Republican party.

    Frankly, Democrats are better off without them.

    Surveys and polls like to try to define people based on degree of conservativeness or liberalness. It makes for easy news stories, but it has very little bearing on what really happens in the world.

    Obama is not a fascist, there is no "illegal" vote. Moderates will not choose a far right conservative over Obama, because Obama is not a liberal or fascist, he is very much a pragmatist and centrist. The Conservative Republicans are doing a very nice job of knocking out their own moderates, and when it comes to a general election, radical conservative cannot carry the country.

    Bush was barely elected, he lost the popular vote and did such a poor job that voters threw out Republicans in both houses and the Presidency. The country is not conservative, it is moderate and slightly left leaning.

    The only reason it appears "conservative" is that conservatives scream the loudest. The rest of the country bides its time and makes their will known at the ballot box.

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    The battle won't be won by determine who's the 'real' conservative. You know that about 25% of Americans will vote Republican no matter what, and about an equal number will vote Democratic no matter what. The people the GOP needs to win over are the ones in the middle, the 'swing voters'. Ironically, elections are decided by the 'undecided'.

    For decades now, Republican candidates have followed the advice of Richard Nixon--run as a hardliner conservative in the primaries, then as a moderate centrist in the general election.

    The Republicans are going to have trouble finding a candidate who can speak strongly enough to mollify the Tea Partiers, but won't scare away the moderates and centrists you're going to need to win the general election. In fact I'd go as far as to say it's going to be impossible this time.

  • No, I think the 2008 Republican field was solid and intelligent when compared to all but two of the current Republican Candidates, Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman. But since neither of those can make it past the "Conservatives" and into the General Election as the Republican Candidate I am not particularly worried. Tea Paw has been caught by Conservatives being to willing to flip-flop on what they consider the wrong issues and Huntsman has three strikes against him in the Conservatives eyes, he took the Ambassador to China job from President Obama, He is a Mormon and last and most unforgivable, he is NOT rabidly anti-Gay or Anti-Abortion.

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    you gotta be kidding - a field that features an ethically-challenged, serial adulterer who cries about left-leaning media bias after taking criticism from his own party after answering a very straightforward question about Medicare.

    You obviously know nothing about Fascism, Mussolini-style or otherwise if you throw that epithet at Obama. Obama was legally elected with a majority vote - the last President was chosen by a court in a state governed by the candidate's own brother. I've included a wiki link:


    Educate yourself. There hasn't been a real conservative leading the Republican party since Eisenhower. Fascism has more in common with Republican values than it does with the Democratic.

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    There is one EXCELLENT choice for the republican nomination and that is Herman Cain. Mitt Romney would be my absolute last choice for POTUS, can't stand the guy, way too liberal for a conservative. Herman Cain is a business man, intelligent, articulate,a TRUE AMERICAN AND THE BEST PART is, HE IS NOT A lying sleazy politician.

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    look on the different area. To ideal our economic issues Obama's first decision became the stimulus kit. That has not worked so nicely and placed us a lot deeper interior the hollow. because that did not paintings so nicely (as in protecting unemployment from going over 8%) his 2d decision is yet another stimulus bill he calls a jobs bill. not so relatively he claims it is going to keep instructors police and firefighters on the activity. Hmm.

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    No, this time the field is definitely weaker. In 2008, the GOP had Romney, McCain, Huckabee, Giuliani, and others--all well-known names.

    This year, they have Romney as the probable top-runner, and then Cain, Paul, Pawlenty, and Huntsman are all lesser-known names.

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    Hear me out, The GOP field is NOT, and i repeat NOT weak! Don't confuse and interesting and wide open field for a weak field. Just because there isn't one person who seem so to be the obvious choice doesn't mean that the field is weak. The liberal media will tell you over and over again that the field is weak until you believe it. Don't let them!

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    Compared to the weakling Barack Obama, any GOP candidate is strong, except for Romney.

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