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What are some things in the book Neon Angel that they didn't show/tell in the movie The Runaways?

I've seen the movie The Runaways and I know it's based on Cherie Currie's book. But I don't have it, and I can't buy it right now. But I wanna know some of the things from the books that they didn't have in the movie, because they obviously couldn't have everything from the book in the movie. Unless they did. and is the book any good, should I buy it? or not? and what's the difference between Neon Angel: a memoir of a runaway and Neon Angel: the Cherie Currie story?

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    You have found the right person, my friend.

    And there was a lot of things that they didn't mention in the movie that actually happened/was in the book, so I'll just write a few.

    First of all, they had a lot of different bass players (Micki Steele, Peggy Foster, Jackie Fox, Vicki Blue & Laurie McAllister) and since Jackie Fox (the most famous bass player) didn't want anything to do with the movie, they just made up a name. Which was "Robin Robbins", yeah, you'd think they would at least come up with a name that sounds real. But no.

    In the movie they made it look like Cherie Currie took too many drugs and passed out and had to go to the hospital. That's not what really happened, she actually was in the hospital to have her tonsils removed. And in the hospital scene Joan Jett kinda just lays behind her. But in the book she actually held her hand.

    In the book, there is a chapter (number 12) that's called "Kim Fowley's Sex Education Class" which they did not show in the movie. But it's quite understandable because just as you might guess, it's Kim Fowley teaching them how to f**k. Which is very disturbing, because she's quite graphic.

    Also, in the movie, Joan Jett and Cherie Currie pretty much has sex, and there's nothing about that in the book. But i chapter 4 ("Learning Experiences") she does sleep with a girl, but they did not mention that in the movie.

    In the book (chapter 16: Greetings From Scotland Yard) they were thrown in jail which wasn't mentioned in movie.

    And in the book Cherie Currie goes to a David Bowie concert (chapter 1: Diamond Dogs and Revelations). And she actually had a solo career after she left the band and the rest of the band continued without her for a while and Joan Jett took over as lead singer.

    Cherie Currie got raped at one point and then kidnapped at another which they didn't mention.

    She got pregnant once but had an abortion which is why Joan Jett was singing on most of the songs on the Queens of Noise album.

    She also didn't quit the band when they were recording, but during a photo shoot when she had to leave early because she shared a car with her sister. And Lita Ford got mad and kicked the door in where Cherie Currie was changing clothes and got really mad at her and told her basically it's either your family or the band. What's your first priority. And Cherie Currie's first priority was her family so she left the band.

    And there's so much more but I'm getting a headache so I'm gonna stop now. But you should read the book or watch Edgeplay: A Film About The Runaways, if you wanna know more.

    And yes, the book is f**king awesome, you should definitely buy it.

    And the difference between Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway, and Neon Angel: The Cherie Currie Story, is that, the latter one was released back in 1989. And Memoir of a Runaway was released in 2010. And in Memoir of a Runaway she didn't hold back at all, she told everything. But the Cherie Currie story doesn't contain all of the f**ked up parts. And it's a lot more nicer, I guess.

    Because the reason she re-wrote it, is because she wanted to tell everything like it was, and not hold back or anything. Like she did with the first book, so basically Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway is a lot more f**ked up.


    Holy crap, I just realized how long my answer got. >_<

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    Neon Angel

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway. I hated the Runaways! mostly because kristen stewert can't act for s#!t

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    well I like Joan Jett, so im going to go with the runaways

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    Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this discussion. Very inspiring replies

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    Yes! The book is ALOT different it is more a story about cherie. but it is AMAZING! yes you should buy it! the paperback just came out. The difference between memoir of a runaway and the cherie currie story is that the cherie currie story is VERY sugar coated doesn't any detail and she said she wasn't ready to put all of her feeling in a book until years after. and the new one is brutally honest. but it is very entertaining

    This is only SOME of the things in the book that are not in the movie:

    In the book Cherie gets raped by her sisters boyfriend the one you saw in the movie, but it was after her sister and him broke up. And she didnt cut her hair like she did in the the movie she cut it like david bowie on the cover of aladdin slane, and she also dyed it red like him, and the reason she did this was because after she was raped she had all this hate EVERYONE and she just said f*ck the world and dressed amazingly crazy everyday. But she was already known for dressing crazy cause earlyer in the book some kids were picking on a little kid cause he had glasses and was calling him a freak and mean stuff. so she went up to those boys and said ill show you a freak and she dressed up crazy and put red and blue food dye in her hair. she also had sex with a girlnamed gail when she was high at a party and she wanted to try being bi because elton john and david bowie. but she cried the whole next morning. then kim and joan acctully found her at the Sugar Shack not Rondey's. Joan, Cherie, and Sandy go to jail in europe for sealing hotel keys and cherie thought she was going to be in there for life because she had cocaine in her bag that they were checking.but turns out the cop that liked her checked the bags so she ended up getting out as the other girls did. she also gets pregnat and has an abortion. um when they go on thier japan tour Jackie (the bass player in the movie her name is robbin, but in real life its jackie) had a very pretty bass and she thought cherie broke it. and no one was really getting along AT ALL on that trip so it was her last straw and jackie tried commiting suside, but cherie finds her and saves her. then jackie quits the band. after they get back they all go to a photo shoot (with a new bass player) and Lita and cherie get in a fight causing cherie to quit the band. then cherie starts her solo records some with her sister. those didnt go much of any where cause her sister didnt want to go on tour. so then she stared acting. after she finished the movie Foxes (great movie BTW) she was sitting out side the Sugar Shack with all of her old friends and this guy pulls up in a limo and she thought she knew him and he wanted to show her the inside of his limo so she go inside and it turns out she doest know him and he is a serial rape guy and he is CRAZY! he thought him and cherie lived together in texas and all this bull crap. anyway so he takes her up to this house where he rapes her and all this other discusting rude stuff. and when cherie is like on the verge of death she goes along with his story and is like im sorry ill move back to texas with blah blah blah. then he drives her to what she tells him is her house but really its her friends house then her friend comes out with a knife but the dude is already gone so he takes cherie to a hospital. then cherie goes to cort and the guy only goes to jail for a year! even though they fond out he raped and killed three other women in texas! after that she finds a boyfriend who is a cocaine dealer so she gets very addicted to coke and all she does is sleep and smoke cocaine then one day she wakes up after her agent and manager drop her and she looks at her self and she said all she could see was a gray skeleton. so she went to the hospital and the docter said he didnt know how she was alive because alot of her organs where shuting down. so she lives and gets maried and her dad dies. it also doesnt tell you that she has an older sister named Sandie, Marie is her twin, and she has a little brother named Donnie.

    i hope that wasnt too confusing to read! hope it helps! (:

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