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Is eloping an option?

My fiancée and I are so happy to have found each other. We make each other incredibly happy and all we want is to be together. It breaks our hearts a little whenever I have to go home as all we want is to be able to wake up next to each other each morning. For a couple of practical reasons I am not going to be able to move in with him until we are married.

When we're together we sometimes wish that we could just run off to Las Vegas and get married. Planning a wedding is a major hassle, expensive, and we feel that people will make the wedding about them and their drama rather than us. Still, my fiancee thinks that a small wedding would be nice and that we could keep it small and informal. We're torn.

Should we elope? Do you have any suggestions?

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    You could get married in a church or by a judge/mayor and invite 20 people to attend. This would be close to the cost of just eloping and some of your closest friends and family could attend. If you want to throw a reception at some other time, you always can.

    It is indeed expensive and not really necessary to throw a big wedding and go into debt over several thousand dollars. Everyone I have met who did not pay cash for their wedding has resented the years of bills and thousands of dollars in interest they could have used to go on trips to Europe.

    Usually, women want a big wedding, so this is one lucky guy to have found a lady who is willing to get married like they did in the olden days. Several thousand years ago, all it took was the marrying people to agree to be married in private. That changed so that a priest had to be present as well. Nowadays, it just has to be an official. Traditionally, only 2 or 3 people have to be at a wedding. You are not breaking tradition by eloping.

    My uncle got married to my aunt-in-law in a courtroom with about 20 people in attendance. We went to a reception at a restaurant. I think the total bill was $1000. They have been married for 12 years and have a son. They have been on trips to Mexico, Florida, and have taken a cruise in the Caribbean

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    Well, eloping is certainly an option for anyone, but no one on here can decide that for you. The two of you must figure this out.

    Ask yourself: Will you forever and ever be happy with your decision? This forum is riddled with "brides" who, after running off and eloping, now wish they had a "real wedding." Well, you can't.

    Since you are asking for opinions, though, here is mine. I would definitely go with a small wedding. That is what I wish I would have done when I married. I love the idea of a small wedding with only close family and some friends. Then a reception perhaps at a restaurant or another venue. You can make the reception as formal or informal as you want.

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    My view of eloping is this: it's two people that are already in the middle of planning a wedding and they just get sick of the drama, or the mood just strikes them one day and they run off and get married. It's always an option for anyone, but just make sure that you don't regret your decision. There are plenty of happy brides that eloped and never looked back. There also plenty of unhappy ones that did it and regret it.

    I was torn, too, because my family has always done court weddings, and now that my fiance and I are actually planning, I'm wanting to just run off with him and keep the family tradition alive. I will say that there is no drama (YET) and so far everything is going smoothly (FOR NOW), but I can't help thinking that something or someone is going to come around and screw up all our hard work, and I know that it's bound to happen :)> I'm still going to have a lovely wedding with him because it is what we both want, but I'm the one that's not used to weddings or anything. Never had them growing up, so I have no clue what to expect!

    Make sure that you are comfortable with your decision and that you are ready to take on the backlash of eloping, because there is always some friend or family member that gets butt hurt that you didn't tell anyone. Or, have a wedding. It's up to you :)

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    Eloping is always an option, but you should make sure you won't regret your decision in the future.

    My fiance and I were planning on just having a courthouse ceremony, until a friend of his family who is a preacher offered to officiate our wedding. The preacher-friend lives out of town, but graciously offered to make the 70 mile trip on any day we chose because "it would be his honor to join us in marriage", so we decided we would instead have an intimate ceremony with only our parents and siblings in attendance at his parents farm.

    That said, if you feel you would prefer a wedding, keep it very simple with only immediate family. Choose your officiant, and select a location that is meaningful to the two of you for your ceremony. Even with immediate family only, it can still be as formal or casual as you want it.

    Congrats, and good luck with your plans!

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    Sure eloping is one solution, but do you want to get married without your family? My husband and I got married without our families, due to our military obligations. I tried to plan a very small wedding, but the Navy kept interfering. My suggestion is to go along with your fiance's idea, and have a small wedding. I promise you it's not hard to plan. This forum is great for the DIY bride. Good luck.

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    yes. ELOPE! its romantic its cool,and its just you two. who else you need.

    so, thumbs up for eloping! :D

    good luck

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