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what styles of swords are there?

i'm making a wooden sword, and I want to create kinda like a mixture of sword styles so i'll have my own, unless I find a style I really like, but I don't want a samurai sword so forget those styles.

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  • zak r
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    9 years ago
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    You can break a sword yes it is stupid into two basic things the blade and the handle. The Blade can be straight or curved. Straight blades are made for the brute cleaving method and stabbing you can tell which is which due to blood grooves (stabbing but not all stabbing swords have the grooves) and a lot of times cleaving swords do not have a point and are heavier which lets the weight and gravity do the work most of the cleavers are two handed hilts, but there been a few that do not have them but most are two handed. Curved swords are not stabbing weapons and while they can be used as to stab it is a slash most seen as a diangle move in sword use while straight swords more of horizontal movement. While curved swords can cut a person in two most of them are used to lop off limbs and cause gashes. There are a few two handed swords that are curved that can cut a person in two, but that is just because of the it being a big slash. Most cleaver swords have a blood groove and both sides of the blade are edged. All curved swords should have only one edge. A few swords can be straight and be used for slashing only, but most straight swords that are single edged are used for stabbing to tell the difference look at the weight and the tip. The only double edge sword made with stabbing in mind was the roman short sword which was made to stab, but could still be used like a a normal sword if a person got caught out of his group formation.

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