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Who Invented The Electric Guitar And When Was The Electric Invented?

The electric guitar has become a staple in modern music, it's a staple of Rock music and has even found it's way in to Gospel music, Folk music, Country music, Pop, and even Rap music and Hip Hop music but who invented the electric guitar and when was the electric guitar invented?

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    The first magnetic pick-up was invented in 1924 by Lloyd Loar, a Gibson employee. The real first all electric guitars were made in 1931 by the Electric String Company. Designed by, amongst others, the legendary Adolf Rickenbacker, these 'fry pan' guitars were made of aluminium and played across the knees with a slide.

    The first electric or electrified acoustic guitar was the Gibson EL150 in 1936.

    The first 1940's solid body guitars electric guitars, similar to those we recognise today, were made by Gibson employees Merle Travis and Paul Bigsby, after the Les Paul 'Log' showed the way.

    In the 1950s, Leo Fender made the first mass produced electric guitars; the ubiquitous Telecaster being the first. This was rapidly followed by the Gibson Les Paul.

    George Beauchamp developed the first successful Electric Guitar in 1931 after leaving the National Resophonic Guitar Company of Los Angles, California to start the electRO-PATin-INstrument Company with Adolph Rickenbacker and Paul Barth. The goal of the Ro-Pat-In Company was to produce a line of electrically amplified instruments using the string driven electro magnetic pick-up (the design most widely used to this day). The company went into production in late summer of 1932 with both Hawaiian and Spanish (standard) guitars; the Hawaiian models being the most popular of that time. Each instrument was sold as a set with an amplifier. Neither instrument was designed to have any acoustic quality; the Hawaiian being made of cast aluminium and the Spanish of thick laminated wood construction. By 1933 the company had changed its name to Electro Stringed Instrument Company and by 1934 to Rickenbacker Electro Instrument Company. The company is still manufacturing electric guitars under the name Rickenbacker International. Perhaps the most widely recognized users of Rickenbacker guitars are The Beatles.

    Harland Bernard Bodkin, invented the first solid body Electric Guitar 19 June 1941, which was based on a magnetic field pick up. He lived in Marrickville in Sydney Australia. The original prototype still exists in the Tamworth Musuem. The Patent for his guitar is titled 'Electric Guitar'. See below. No other claimed inventors of the electric guitar have been able to provide documented proof that they are in fact the inventor of the electric guitar. Harland Bernard Bodkin is the only claimed inventor of the Electric Guitar, that has documented proof.

    Adolph Rickenbacker invented an electric semi hollow body guitar. It was basically a guitar with a microphone attached to it. Harland Bodkins guitar was a solid body with a magnetic field pick up, which is what Leo Fender produced when he first began

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Les Paul did NOT invent the electric guitar. However, many people give Les Paul the credit for inventing the solidbody electric guitar when, in fact, there were solidbody electrics about a decade or two before Paul came up with his own solidbody guitar.

    As for the first electric guitar, I honestly can't say who invented it. I literally just saw a show on the history of the electric guitar that aired on the Smithsonian Channel, but I don't remember an actual inventor of the electric guitar being named (it is how I found out that Les Paul didn't actually invent the solidbody electric though). I can tell you, however, that the first true electric guitar (not acoustic-electric but an actual electric) was a lap steel and that lap steel's body was shaped like a snare drum basically and it looked kind of like a banjo. Once again, I'm not sure who actually invented the electric guitar, but I think it was invented some time in the 20's (unfortunately, I don't remember all the dates given in that Smithsonian Channel electric guitar special either).



    Those 'fry pan' guitars that Kendall mentioned were the lap steels that I talked about in my answer...once he mentioned Lloyd Loar, I instantly recognized that guy's name thanks to his work for Gibson (as well as for that Smithsonian Channel show about the history of the electric guitar--if you can find a copy of that on DVD or something, get it because it was fantastic!).

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  • 4 years ago

    No single person invented any of those instruments. They developed over a long period of time. Do your own damn homework. Go to the library, grab the G volume of the encyclopedia, and start reading. Lazy dildo.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    les paul named the guitar after his namesake.

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    9 years ago

    I'm sure you'll find it in there

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