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which international programs are the best and arent a scam?

my friend and i want to go out of the country next summer so we want to go on a international exchange program but we dont know which website to trust. And i found some online and i wanted to know if someone could help me find out which one isnt a scam. so here are the ones i found




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    I have never heard of Asse before but Aei and Ciee are legit...however extremely extremely expensive. I wanted to go to France at some point with Ciee and found it ridiculously unaffordable. Personally I can attest to the programs through Leave UR Mark...they're cheaper, run by former volunteers, and have really personal service. I did an internship abroad at a travel magazine with them and thought I got the most for my met tons of other students from all over the world. You can check out their programs if you want...there's nothing "scammy" about them.

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    The first link looks like a scam... they spelled "scholarship" wrong. The last two seem alright but if you're looking to go abroad, Singapore is a great place to explore and also gain work experience :] By applying to SSA Global, an international internship provider in Singapore, you get to travel and develop the skills to become an international young professional!

    We offer graduating university seniors or university alumni internships that take place in Singapore with small or large multinational corporations. We offer exciting internships in various fields such as Engineering, Hospitality, Retail, Business Management, Marketing, and more. The best part is that all of our 6 month internships are paid a monthly stipend of $600 Singapore dollars.

    We've posted a few new internships! If you're interested or have more questions, check out our site today:

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