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Anonymous asked in TravelFranceOther - France · 9 years ago

Seeking a cheap way to get to France and back...?

I really want to see the musical Mozart Opera Rock which is showing (I think it's last show) in July in Toulon, France. I would have to take one of my parents so I need some advice on getting really cheap plane tickets for two adults to Toulon and trying to find a hotel. The cheapest I've come across is about $1200 just for the plane tickets.

I'd love some advice on getting there and back and finding places to stay. Thanks!

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  • zafir
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    9 years ago
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    It's not possible for anyone to tell you how to get there if you don't say where you're travelling from! But to pay $1200 in airfares just to see a stage-show, in a language you probably don't understand, is just a little over the top. In addition to airfares, you'll have the cost of tickets to the show, hotel, food, transport, travel insurance etc. It's a very expensive idea!

    Anyway have a look at the website, where you can buy tickets. The last four shows are actually in Paris, at a theatre in Bercy, from 8 to 10 July. And Paris will be much easier to get to than Toulon.

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  • 9 years ago

    That sounds like so much fun! But for us to give advice on airfares, we need to know if you're flying from the West Coast, or the East Coast, or the Midwest. The $1200 you've found sounds about right. If you spend hours and hours and hours shopping, maybe you'll save $50. There are no secret, rock-bottom $500 fares out there in July.

    Sadly, unless your parents just normally buy you very expensive, extravagant things, this trip is probably going to turn out to be much more expensive and complicated than you have imagined.


    1. July is usually the most expensive month for round-trip USA/Europe air tickets. You will probably have to pay at least the $1200 price, each, for those air tickets. (You plus mom -= $2500 +/-)

    2. Sometimes those cheap fares will require you to spend at least one Saturday night before you come home. So you'll probably need a minimum of three nights lodging. Look for youth hostels and you might save some money, but a hotel will cost you a minimum of $120-130 per night for a really cheap one. (You plus mom - 3 ntsX$130 = $400 +/-)

    3. Meals? Anywhere from a $6 sandwich to ???. You might be able to get by on $50/day if you just buy cheese, bread, fruit from grocery stores, or sandwiches, for all your meals.

    4. Taxi? Metro?

    These are just a few things you will need to figure out. You can see that already the trip will cost a minimum of about $3000.

    Oops, plus the tickets to the show!

    I also agree that flights to Paris are probably cheaper than flights to Toulon!

    Good luck -- maybe your mom will allow you to dip into your college savings to make this trip.

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