question about Alabama age of majority and cross state age of majority?

in Alabama the age of majority is 19(which means unlike nearly every other state in the united states, the parent 'owns' the child until 19 instead of 18) however in Tennessee it is 18. If said person living in Alabama is 18 and was able to get across the line into Tennessee, with a home to live in, Can Alabama law enforcement do anything to make the person come back to Alabama, or is it legally safe as the legal age of accountability and Majority in Tennessee is 18, which when she crosses the line she would be Majority?

This is not a case of runaway, Her father is unaware that the age is 19 and he is willing to drive her across state line to a new residence to where she is moving out of. If she moves into the new residence, is that not considered her new legal place of residence and therefor make her the age of majority in said state that the legal place of residence is?

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  • 9 years ago
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    YES THEY CAN. I live right next door to you, I live in Pensacola FL, the consent here is 18

    It is based on where you are born and a resident of. In this case, technically you are considered a runaway. This can lead to problems because of Amber alerts which get the big dogs in on the search

    Local Police


    U. S marshals


    and sometimes Secret Service

    they will come hunt you down and prosecute you, the person you are crossing with and definitely the father

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