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Zoloft Will it really help with my anxiety?

My Dr prescribed it too me a while back and i never took it, well anxiety has deff kicked into full gear a couple weeks ago and is just getting worse so I had it filled today. Kinda of nervous about taking it but I need to do something because I blow up on everyone. If you have ever taken it, can you please let me know if it helped, serious question btw thank you :)


Thank you Mercy but obviously I cant just tell my DR what I want even though I have tried so is Zoloft going to help me

Update 2:

I did try Lexapro and wellbut. lexapro made me literally almost kill my husband and wellbut well lets just say i was wayyyyy worse offffffff Dr yanked me off that faster than she wrote the script lol but thank you

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    I'll share my experience with Zoloft. This is a second time I take Zoloft. I was on it for 1 year and than I succesfully weaned off with very mild withdrawal. After about 6 month all my anxiety returned and now I'm on it again. I'm very thankfull that there is help like zoloft out there. I was really affraid to take zoloft even though I took it before but good think I did. If I you have any questions what so ever dont hesitate to e-mail me. I would love to help. Side effects: increased anxiety was the worst thing for me, but it went way down on day 4 or 5. loose stool for 2 weeks, headache for 5 days, restless legs first 2 weeks. Overall not too bad comparing to LEXAPRO and previous paranoid state of mind. LOL. I purchase Zoloft through reputable they've been very reliable so far. Check this FDA link about Zoloft

    Hope i helped.

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  • Grinch
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    It might work really well for you or it might ... not.

    Different meds work differently for some than for others. You may get lucky and have great results. Or it may not be the right medication for you. It can take months or YEARS (of trial and error) to find the best anti-anxiety/antidepressant medication for any particular individual.

    Zoloft is an SSRI, which are generally well-tolerated. SSRIs are generally the first course of action to treat anxiety/depression. It can take several weeks before you will be getting the full benefit of the drug, so don't expect miracles.

    If you find the medication does not work well for you, or if you have side effects that you can't live with, ask your doctor to prescribe something different. Lexapro is a similar medication that works faster and with fewer negative effects than Zoloft, Prozac, and the others.

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  • Mike
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    It will definitely help. It's a mood stabilizer. Even if you worry or panic about won't get the physical side effects such as a racing heart. After a little while of getting no symptoms from worrying, you will be less likely to worry, and therefore less anxiety.

    All meds work differently for each person, but Zoloft is one of the most popular medications for anxiety. If it doesn't work, there are dozens more you can try.

    My favorite is Wellbutrin. It has very little side effects, is not an SSRI meaning zero sexual side effects, so it's pleasant to take without troublesome symptoms.

    Source(s): By the way, you can absolutely discuss medications with your doctor. Obviously if you demand something he might say no, but if you explain you've done research and think pill X will be better than pill Y, then he will consider it. He only knows what you tell him, so he doesn't know the extent of your anxiety, or additional symptoms from it, so he goes by what works with the majority. If you tell him that you don't want a medication that makes you gain weight, tell him and he will adjust it. Same with weight loss, sexual side effects (no sex drive, no ability or orgasm), he will adjust his prescription. www, has reviews of medications by real people, not doctors. Browse through that and see what symptoms other people have.
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  • 9 years ago

    Zoloft takes a bit of time to reach therapeutic effective dose. It is not an instantaneous release from anxiety. But over time you should be able to note a decrease in the anxiousness. Also, if you miss a dose, do it the next day, don't double down. It won't work that way.

    Perhaps you might see your doctor to get your blood serum level check to verify you are within the dosing parameters for your weight and height.

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