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Which Health Insurance should I choose? 21 year old male living in NYC?

Hi I have received a letter to choose I health plan and here are the options.

1. Affinity Health Plan

2. Amerigroup Community Care

3. Fidelis Care, NY

4. Health First PHSP

5. Health Plus PHSP

6. HIP Health Plan NY

7. MetroPlus Health Plan

8. Neighborhood Health Providers

9. UnitedHealthCare Community Plan

Last WellCare of NY

Which one should be best? Any Advice? Thanks to all who answer with good answers.

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    I personally think Fidelis Care is the best of all.

    And,most would least most who live here in NYC,and have coverage.

    With'll get a wider range of medical,dental and eye coverage...more so than any of the others you've listed above.

    Fidelis will even pay 100% for a root canal...the others listed above? Pay nothing!

    Make some calls,and ask which coverage your potential primary doctor will be willing to accept.

    You might want to go ahead and set yourself up with a dentist,primary doctor,eye doctor and a regular pharmacy,and have them make copies of which ever insurance you choose.But,always keep that insirance card with you at ALL times.

    But,again......Fidelis Care is in my opinion the best that nyc can offer as far as coverage is concerned.But,make some calls and ask around.My husband has Fidelis Care,and has been very satisified ever since.I personally have Straight Insurance that was chosen by the state due to my health/disease.So,my coverage isn't limited,and my prescription coverage is much higher than the insurance programs you've listed above.

    Keep in mind also...if you happen to have a serious/chronic illness/disease?

    You need to inform your primary insurance company to increase your insurance benefits/pharmacy benefits.

    You usually get between 24 to 48 prescriptions per year that's covered by your primary insurance,but if you have a serious/chronic illness/ can have those benefits increased up to 180 per year.Just to give you info.

    I hope this helps.....good luck to you.

    Oh,and speak with your insurance provider about any possible co-pays you may have.You didn't mention if you have co pays with your benefits or not.

    These Plans listed above are primarily for medicaid recipients.So,you failed to mention if co pays apply to you.

    Conact your primary insurance company/plan to see if you have co-pays or some providers do have co pays,and some do not....depending on your income,and your application.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.

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    Healthfirst Phsp

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