I am on a weekly unemployment benefit of U$ 250.00 in florida and my wife gets a U$ 675.00 SSI a month from so?

social security. We have applied for medicaid for our son who lives with us and who has a chronic disease and needs special treatment. The department of children's and families approved us for U$ 275.00 monthly food stamps but they keep rejecting the medicaid for my son. We have applied many times and the same denial over and over. Who can we elevate this claim to?

Please give us some advice.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Since your son is disabled, have you applied for SSI for him, or helped apply if he's over 18. That would get him automatically eligible for Medicaid, if approved.

    Otherwise you could contact your state House of Representative Congress person,. and state Senator. Members of state congress often have better results dealing with state agencies.

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    10 years ago

    call the Socialist-in-Chief, Obama is handing out more money than can be printed or backed by the "working" people...

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