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Is this good future proof gaming rig, please help me? What is an ssd drive will it affect gaming.?

Intel i5 2500k, asus p8p67 pro , corsair 1600mhz 2*4 gb, 2* nvidia gtx 570 in SLI, wd black 1tb, coolermaster 850 watts, coolermaster V8, coolermaster HAF 922. Is this good enough? how many years i can play with this rig in maximum and medium settings? Please some one tell me the importance of ssd drives will it make difference in gaming?

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    SSD drives do not affect gaming. At best they reduce load times, so the game will launch faster, and you will load and precache map data much faster (so less waiting).

    For everything else, your CPU and graphics card is what does most of the work.

    That system is pretty good, RAM is probably a bit overkill since you don't really need more than 4 GB of RAM for games. Just spend the extra money on an SSD instead.

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