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Is My Mom on The DENIAL stage of me going to college far from home?

So, I'm a sophomore now and I'm about to be a junior next year. Often than not, I always tell my mom my future decisions for college and sometimes her reaction is not what I expected it to be. I thought she is cool with every decisions I make not until yesterday. So what happen is I'm scanning the articles for sale in our neighborhood newspaper and I saw that someone is selling a dorm fridge for 50 bucks. And I'm like "Mom, look at this, a dorm fridge for 50 bucks. Isn't that cheap for a dorm fridge? Why don't we buy it? I can just keep it in the attic until I go to college. And we might not see any of these stuff on sale anymore." And then she said "Why would you need a dorm fridge?" and then she continued to whatever she's doing. I'm trying to figure out if my mom doesn't want me to go to a college faraway. And I'm just so sure she does not want me to because one time she suggested colleges that are within the city and state. I really think she is in DENIAL of all my college plans but I don't know if I'm right. What will I do if she continues to be like this?

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    i live in Greece but i want to go study in America and my mother does not like it either but she understands the fact that i must have my own life and make my own decisions. Your mother needs to understand that you are beginning your life at the moment she needs to understand that you are going to create your future , you are going to have your own family and your own house you are not a kid anymore and she can not keep you at home as a luxury item cause that will only destroy your life and i am sure she does not want that.

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