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急!! 加拿大和美國簽證 人在澳洲

如果我人澳洲同時要辦加拿大和美國觀光簽證 要怎麼辦需要多久(我之前已經有辦過加拿大觀光簽證)

如果是先辦好加拿大觀光簽證 在去加拿大辦美國觀光簽證這樣可以嗎 多久可以拿到簽證





Update 2:

我是拿台灣護照在澳洲 是學生簽證在澳洲

2 Answers

  • Gary
    Lv 7
    9 years ago
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    Canada has granted visa-free travel to Taiwanese Passport holders.

    So you don't need to apply for one (unless you plan to stay 6 months or longer).

    For the U.S., there is a requirement that unless you are a local resident or people that hold an extend-stay visa, the Consulate in that area will not serve you. In other word, if you are a tourist in Australia, you will have to apply through AIT. Otherwise (like work, student visa), you can apply your U.S. visa in Australia.

    2011-05-23 17:28:39 補充:

    Choose either Australia or Taiwan (Taiwan is preferred if you have to go there anyway).

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  • Y MO
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    加拿大現在免簽 你是拿護照就可以去

    美簽 你是也可以在澳洲簽 但你要有心理準備 有可能不會過就是


    而在澳洲因為是全英文面試 而且你該準備的資料/目的/去的天數/費用證明能準備就準備囉 提高一些些過的機率

    good luck

    Source(s): 遊學玩咖
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