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Abby asked in HealthWomen's Health · 9 years ago

What kind of pad last the longest for periods ?

I am going to an all girls sleepaway camp in the summer and I want to change my pad as little as possible while at camp

Its gonna be hot so what should I wear to bed at night the cabins have no ac

What kind of panties should I wear while on my period

When should I change my pad

There is this one night where it's an overnight campout in the woods NO BATHROOMS so how and where should I change my pad with out being seen

How many pads should I bring

My periods last 7-9 days heavy flow

Sorry If this was long

I am not trolling just didn't get any answers the first time I asked this question

5 Answers

  • Ane
    Lv 6
    9 years ago
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    Always now makes a really long overnight. But it is a maxi and thick. Called an Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi, it's 15" long.

    Or you can do what I do and never leak. It's an Always Infinity Overnight with wings and liners at the back and one at the front. I have yet to leak. This is 17 ¼" long. The pad itself is just 11".

    Talk to your counselor. I'm sure she can tell you if you will have a privy, a little tent that houses a portable toilet.

    I would bring, with a heavy flow, at least 4 eighteen count packs. But, I don't know how often you change in one day. Regular "granny panties" or what I call full coverage bikini's that are fitted.

    Honestly if you are at camp you are going to want to swim and be comfortable. Try tampons out. When does camp start? You can practice now.

    1) Wash your hands and take the tampon out of the wrapper.

    2) Take the tampon itself out of the plastic tube or applicator. This way you can insert the plastic without worry of accidentally putting the tampon in.

    3) Stand with your foot, doesn't' matter which, on the tub or toilet. I actually just stand with my legs spread and slightly bent.

    4) Take a deep breath and exhale while you insert the applicator. Go all the way until your fingers, normally the middle and thumb is touching the opening of the vagina.

    5) Now just push the little tube, or plunger all the way into the larger one. Remove the applicator. If you had an actually tampon in the applicator, you would now give the string a little tug.

    If in right you want feel anything, not even the string. Start with the lightest absorbency you can find and work your way up. You want always use regular or super during the entire period. At the end you may use a light or just a pantiliner. Will you have a period between now and camp? If so, great. You can practice with a real tampon. I would leave it in for 4-6 hours then take it out. Wear a pantiliner with it just as a back up.

    Have fun at camp and don't forget the SPF and bug spray!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would recommend you talk to your mum, and see if she can take you to the Dr, and you could try birth control pills for a couple of months (if you have time) and the Dr will tell you how you can skip your period, so you wont get it.

    We had a school camp at age 14 that was 2 weeks full on camping, no bathrooms at all, and I would say 90% of the girls did that.

    If you want to use pads, then I would try the thin ones, but with maximum absorbency. I would get the night time ones to use at night, because they are longer, and you get a lot less "accidents". I would also buy a pack of cheap briefs, so that you can just throw any out if you do happen to bleed on your underwear. Good luck!

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  • 9 years ago

    Always brand, overnight ones

    Another suggestion, which I don't think you will be comfortable doing in camp, is wearing an adult diaper if your periods are extremely heavy

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  • 9 years ago

    The ones that say 'overnight' or something like that.

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  • 9 years ago

    i prefer tampons

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