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Sleep ORGASMS (Question for women)?

Hey ladies I was just wondering do you or have do/have same as what I do? When asleep?

When I've having a hot dream and I get aroused (in my dream,) sometimes I Orgasm. Sometimes I have wanted it so bad if I have been disturbed sometimes I can go back into the dream and tip it over enough to make me orgasm. They are sooo powerful they are nice but hurt. I would really like to know if anyone else does this. At first I thought I was imagining it but its been happening to long now.

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    Yes an it isn't a rare thing , but the ladies of the previous social binding did not discuss such things even with there doctor. of closest friends. some times We find reference to it in old journals or Diary's

    Recently a 66 yo female was blaming her Husband of 50 years for her waking up in a puddle many times over the past years and it was worse now.that he slept in another bed because he had to sneak in and masturbate to squirt it on her. [Dirty Old MAN] . It took a lot to convince her it was not him and his teaspoon of thick, almost solid , sperm that made her so wet she had to put a towel down or move to the other side of the bed We gave her 10 days on a BIOS-analyst and she completed 8 orgasm like events in four nights. an refused to complete the SERIES for entry into data profile.

    But on the other side of our non- official Research , in this dorm , the girls fight to see who wears it

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    This happens to me as well. I don't see it any different that guys having wet dreams. Totally normal, and you may as well enjoy them! I doubt there is anyway to stop them, even if you wanted to.

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    I wondered the same thing because apparently none of my friends have them. But I do all the time ahaha

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    yeah that happens to me sometimes lol

    it's normal :)

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