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Unaffected cities of Japan?

I got a question: Are there some cities of Japan is being unaffected during the Tohoku earthquake crisis?

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    Japan was hit hard by the disaster, but only 0.1 per cent of Japan was affected by the tsunami and the area that was affected is not a popular destination for tourists to Japan. Most tourist attractions in Japan are now open, although some may have shortened opening hours to conserve power. All international airports are operating and this even includes Sendai Airport, which was damaged by the tsunami, and the bullet trains are all running as normal.

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    Only the Northeast corner of Japan was affected by the twin Earthquake/Tsunami disasters.

    This affected about 1/5 of the country. The rest of the country was unaffected. These unaffected areas have innumerable amount of cities all across Japan.

  • People in the region FUKUSHIMA cant go back home yet unfortunately. But the rest which is over 90% of japan not affected and business and life is as usual. In case you want some items from japan or

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    It would be easier to list cities that have been affected. It was a serious disaster but rather localized. Right now, only Fukushima is off-limits. Lots of problems in Sendai, but the airport is open. My wife was doing some work up there just last week.

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    About 90% of Japan were not affected by the disaster. The list of cities could be too long. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka to name a few.

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    I think that west part of japan is sitll safe despite East-Japan earthquake. OK>?

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    Yes, you are entirely safe now also in Sendai. I am back from Sendai before 2 days without any problem.

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    It is safe. And totally worth it

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