Am I psychic or what is happening?

Well, for as long as I could remember, something really strange happens when I focus on the area surrounding me. There are like lines, string-but they are see through, they don't really sparkle but shift in the light spectrum-if you must, between white and blue. Sometimes, clear objects stop in the way of these, ties, strings, whatever you want to call them- and it looks normal, not like when I really focus. A lot of times when I do this in my house, some of it is blocked out in certain areas, they usually move- the blockers, move, i mean.Then, on a few times I can see a white figure, its a milk white, and it is see through pretty much.

But other than that I am good with numbers, like lets say a number 1-10, 65% of the time I guess right. I don't know if that piece of info should help or not, but there you go.

Im 15 years old, and all this is quite confusing. I went to a regular check up not long ago, and I had perfect vision so don't call me crazy

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    9 years ago
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    Yes you are psychic, what you are seeing is the "aura" or "auric field". The aura is an electromagnetic energy field, it is made up of various colours that surround the body. The aura can be seen, felt or sensed, and it usually extends anything from a few inches to many feet around the person. The aura absorbs energy/information and also transmits information from yourself and other people, animals, objects or the environment. Within the aura it is possible to access information not only about a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state, but also about their past, present and to some extent what is coming into their future. Semyon Kirlian (1939) found a way of photographing the colours and energy of the aura called ‘Kirlian photography’.

    People (especially those who are very sensitive) are able to absorb/translate energy, emotions, thoughts, feelings, positivity, negativity and health conditions from other people’s auras, objects and environments. For instance, a person goes to their friend’s house for a party, when they arrive there is a very strange angry atmosphere, yet their friends are talking and showing no signs of anything unusual. However, later on they find out that prior to their arrival, there had been an argument. That is an example of how the aura of people and the atmosphere can be sensed. Another example is when a person meets another person for the first time and takes an instant dislike to them (even if they have not spoken or done anything to offend them). They then later on they find out that their feeling was correct about that person. Most people in life have experienced talking to somebody, only to walk away feeling totally drained. Again, that is because the other person has been drawing energy from their aura/energy systems.

    The white figure you are seeing is linked to either your spiritual guide or departed loved ones who have passed away physically from earth and who live in the spirit world/heaven.

    Have a look at the links below regarding the aura ok.

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    Take Care

    Spirit World Messages

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    4 years ago

    we've a collection of psychics that meet each and each month at some place and artwork on our skills. some individuals are somewhat stable psychics and a few are so so! i detect that as quickly as we social gathering our skills get extra perfect. We even p.c.. up on the others visions some circumstances. i detect that we don't examine each and each others minds as much as we share thoughts and thoughts. yet another stable question! * right here's a celebrity for you!

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    9 years ago

    Those are called floaters; it's bacteria on the surface of your eye. You can guess a number 1-10 a lot of the time not because you're getting it psychically but because people usually pick 7. If you could do it for a randomly rolled die, now that would be a psychic power, and the JREF would give you a million bucks to see it. But you're just relying on human psychology, not psychic powers. No one has psychic powers.

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    You're not psychic. This happens to me too, I agree with the above answer. They're like lines or strings that are transparent and they move along when you move your eyes. Like if you look into a microscope, that's how it look like?

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