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How much should I sell my 98 camry for?

210,000 miles, needs new water pump and shocks. Has a bad oil leak. Right side both doors dented with paint damage. Right rear view mirror missing. Probably about $1200 worth of work to get into good shape.

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  • 9 years ago
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    What you mean to say is "how much should I list it for?"

    Whether you list it for 5,000, or $1000, that doesn't determine that anyone will want to pay that price.

    So, what you finally decide to sell it for, will be whatever amount that you get offered, that you agree to.

    We can't decide that for you.

    But, here's the simple math: Take the value of your car, then subtract the $1200. That is what the buyer will be doing.

    If it's a $2000 car, fixed....but takes $1200 to get there, it's really only an $800 car at the moment. Make sense? Good.

    Bad oil leak, means it's not driveable. Sure, you can drive it, but until it's fixed, it can destroy the engine. Bad shocks? Means the ride sucks right now.

    You have an unwanted vehicle. A fair condition Camry is worth around $2200. Subtract the $1200, and you've got a $1000 car.

    I wouldn't pay more than $500 for it, but that's me.

    Source(s): Years of buying and selling cars.
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  • 9 years ago

    i hate to break it to you but that sounds like more of a parts car. you can put it up on craigslist for parts or repair. not alot of people will want to buy a car that needs that much work and has over 200000 miles

    Source(s): bought a mint 1999 monte carlo with 140k for 1200
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