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my last name is wright but my daughters is friedmeyer and so is my bf how do i change my name to theres?

My last name is wright but i want my daughters and bf because i already use his name but how do i go about putting it on my drivers license and social security card without all the legal stuff


I mean i go by his last name i just dont have it on nythign because i was told if i use his last name then after 6 months it common law and ive been using his name for a year

Update 2:

i know he not going for younger or bigger bra size because he 9 yrs older then me and my bra size is almost to big but we want a wedding just cant afford it so we were told by family that i can just use his name and put it on my license and ssi and it would be good but idk know to go about doing it

Update 3:

Im 24 im just use to texting and so when i type i txt lilke all the teens im sorry for that and thansk for all ur guys help i dont want to do nything illegally cuz if we get in trouble he goes back to prison for a while nd i dont want that.

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    It is NOT illegal to use a name other than your own or to change your name “at will” or by “usage”.

    State laws can regulate name changes in the United States. Several specific federal court rulings have set precedents regarding both court decreed name changes and common law name changes (changing your name "at will").

    • One may be employed, do business, and enter into other contracts, and sue and be sued under any name they choose at will (Lindon v. First National Bank 10 F. 894, Coppage v. Kansas 236 U.S. 1, In re McUlta 189 F. 250)

    • Such a change carries exactly the same legal weight as a court-decreed name change as long as it is not done with fraudulent intent (In re McUlta 189 F. 250, Christianson v. King County 196 F. 791, United States v. McKay 2 F.2d 257).

    Usually a person can adopt any name desired for any reason. Most states allow one to legally change one's name by usage with no paperwork, but a court order may be required for many institutions (such as banks or government institutions) to officially accept the change.[1] Although the States (except part of Louisiana) follow the common law there are differences in acceptable requirements; usually a court order is the most efficient way to change names (which would be applied for in a state court) (except at marriage, which has become a universally accepted reason for a name change). It is necessary to plead that the name change is not for a fraudulent or other illegal purpose (such as evading a lien or debt, or for defaming someone).

    A common law name change is not the same a common law marriage and is therefore acceptable practice in more states than common law marriage. However, where the problem come in is getting the government agencies to accept the name change. For example, you could probably get a new Social Security card without any problem but there are only a couple of states that will issue a drivers license for a new last name without a court ordered name change or a marriage license if the name is not the same as the name on the birth certificate. It’s a classic catch-22, it’s not illegal to change your last name “at will” or by “usage” but if no one will accept it and you can get proper identification, what have you accomplished?

    The cost of a court ordered name change varies greatly from state to state; I have seen them as low as $69.00 and above $600.00 for the filing fee so marriage is definitely the less expensive method for changing ones name in a manner that will allow you to get proper ID and you can file for a legal name change without an attorney which would save you a few hundred dollars in any state if that is the method you choose.

    Source(s): Post 9/11 name change research
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    > without all the legal stuff . . .

    Just start doing it. Sooner or later, though, you'll run into trouble from a credit card company, bank, government agency . . .

    I changed just my middle name in 1975; in 2008 I almost missed the trip of a lifetime because my driver's license didn't match my birth certificate, and the government held up my passport to see if I was a sleeper agent from the KGB.

    There are two ways. One is to convince him to marry you. If he won't, it means he's waiting for someone younger, prettier or with a bigger bra size.

    The other is to do a legal name change, which he may object to on the grounds it will look like you are husband and wife, and you are not, because he's waiting for someone younger, prettier, . . .


    > we want a wedding just cant afford it

    You can get married by the county clerk for the price of a marriage license, which is around $35. If you do that, you make your relationship legal. You get a number of legal rights. Exactly how many varies by state. Just for example, if, God forbid, your "baby daddy" was to be killed by a truck tomorrow, you would inherit his house and worldly goods. If you are not married, and he doesn't have a will, you would not inherit them.

    From the number of spelling and grammar mistakes you've made I fear you are fairly young and fairly uneducated. I also fear an older man is taking advantage of you.

    > i know he not going for younger or bigger bra size...

    Unless you are 16, there is ALWAYS younger. Look at the 80-year old billionaire who married the 20-something playmate. Unless you look like Candice Bergen did in her 20's, there is always prettier, too; or a better cook, or someone who will laugh harder at his jokes, or...

    Getting married says "This is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with". Making an excuse for not getting married says "I'm keeping my options open."

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    No way around that other than a legal name change. BIG $$$$$ Other than that the only way to change it is to get married then you have to show PROOF of marriage with the marriage license..... NO you cannot just use anyone's name that cant get any more ILLEGAL.... I have been with my b/f for 20 years now and I was told by a Lawyer, and city hall the only way is to Legally change your name which costs MONEY or get married..... If you can just use someone's name people would be doing it ALL the time ILLEGALLY mind you.... Not being mean but you can't do that.... Its against the LAW. They will NOT change it without being MARRIED Legally or a Legal name change $ 500.00 And you dont have to have a HUGE wedding to be married and do it Legally, Pay for a marriage License and go to the courthouse " Justice of the peace CAN marry you, then you can change your name to his... LEGALLY!!!!! If you can just use anyones name I should be able to change MINE to your's.... Tell me does that Make sense????

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    Each state is different, and not all states even recognize common law marriage. Currently, common-law marriages are only recognized by: Alabama, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Washington, D.C. And you must live together and represent yourselves as married for a significant amount of time - more than 6 months or a year. There are other requirements as well.

    Maybe you should rethink the whole 'wait until we have lots of money and have a big fancy wedding' thing. Get married by a judge and then have a big reception when you can afford it..

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