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NMR ( Nuclear Magnetic Resonance)?

does anyone have good experience in running Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

will anybody please help me in explaining the above.

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    There are different types, you can do a H NMR (hydrogen) or a C NMR (Carbon) just to name two.

    They are used to evaluate how many H or C have the same "resonance," or are in the same environment within the molecule. It tells you how many different types are in the the molecule by peaks on the graph. In fact, you can create the molecule when you are given an NMR, the mass, and whether or not the molecule has a C=C (double bonded carbons), C=O (double bonded carbon-oxygen), or -OH (alcohol) in it.

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    I can give you a guess, I would say its the range of frequencies that oscillate nuclear material. Harmonic resonance frequencies.

    Like shattering glass with certain frequencies of sound, only using electro magnetism instead of sound.

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