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what are the two books Dr. Alan grant wrote in Jurassic Park?

i"m doing this project and i know that Dr. Alan grant from the novel wrote two books but i don't know the names of them, can any of you tell me please

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    I looked at Jurassic Park wiki and only one book has been identified by name


    Alan Grant's books

    In the various canons of the Jurassic Park Series Alan Grant writes a number of books, of at least the first two it is clear that they had become popular.

    "The Lost World of the Dinosaurs"

    It is clear from the film Jurassic Park that Dr. Grant argued in this book that dinosaurs evolved into birds. It was also fully illustrated.

    In Jurassic Park Adventures: Survivor a couple of quotes from the book appear:

    "When (the sauropods) ate North America empty, to travelled south to South America until that was empty. They just ate themselves out of existence.

    Many scientists believe the dinosaurs never really died out 65 million years ago. These scientists believe dinosaurs live on today - as birds. The dinosaurs were too large and their food supply is too small, so the dinosaurs became a likely example of natural selection - in short, they were forced to adapt or perish."

    Book about Jurassic Park

    In Jurassic Park III Eric mentions a book that Alan Grant wrote about the Isla Nublar Incident. Eric sensed from this book that Alan somewhat disliked dinosaurs after the incident.

    Pteranodon book

    At the end of Jurassic Park Adventures: Flyers Alan Grants says he's planning to write a book about Pteranodons and their attack of Universal Studios.


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