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CM Punk might now take a break from the WWE(more inside)?

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Stupid or Dumb?

I honestly think that this is probably the worst decision Punk will make. That is if accepts the contract. I think that CM Punk should take a nice long break and rest his body. Than maybe return at the Royal Rumble in 2012, and get his Royal Rumble win. But that's just what I think.

Your thoughts on this?

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Update 2:

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I said might NOT take a break from the WWE. There have been many sources that said he was gonna take a break before this one. I personally think its stupid. Because he should get some rest.

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    I am in two minds. CM Punk is my favourite wrestler, so of course, I want him to stick around for as long as possible. As soon as I heard that Punk may potentially leave WWE or at least take a lengthy break I was pretty upset in a way, because I want to see him on TV each week.

    However, on the other side of things, Punk has worked extremely hard over the past few years. He's gone from being one of ROH's best, to trying to be accepted within the biggest wrestling company. Punk fits right in and he's worked hard to become the ECW champion, then to make a name for himself in the main event's of both Smackdown and Raw. He's picked up several titles along the way, and deserved each of them. Punk is a hard worker, he works most/all house shows on the tours and he works almost every week now on RAW and he did so on Smackdown for the past few years. Punk has taken a lot of hard bumps, the worst back in 2008 during a rivalry with Jeff Hardy. Punk took some nasty bumps during that and I am surprised the break rumous didn't come around that time.

    Also last year when he got a hip injury he was out for a few weeks, but that could've easily been longer or even career threatening. Basically, although Punk fans including me, want him to stay full time and show up each week, it could do him more harm than good. Punk is a valuable asset to the WWE and I feel there will always be a place for him in that company. I would be much happier to see him break for several months and to come back fresher than ever, than to get a serious, maybe career threatening injury a few months down the line.

    Having said that, CM Punk has a sharp mind and an obvious wealth of knowledge, so he knows what is best for him. If he signs the new contract and stays on then awesome, that is best for him and he feels able to do that. If he leaves and has a break then so be it. I will be upset that he's gonna be away for time, but it's his decision and whats best for him. So whatever happens is the right decision for Punk, he won't push himself "over the limit" so that it is dangerous. He will do whats best for him and whatever that is, so be it.

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    I like it because CM Punk is arguably the greatest heel currently in the WWE, he's awesome on the mic, he gets over with the crowd and he knows how to play the role of a heel better than anybody currently in the WWE Locker Room.

    However lets play another scenario and If Punk does takes a break Im certain people will stop watching because some people watch just to see CM Punk wrestle, over the last 3 years he went from being a nobody in WWECW to being a top heel on RAW, main eventing SD, being WHC multiple times and leading a stable.. I don't think anybody else has gotten these many accomplishments just in the last 3 years alone.

    Another thing, if Punk leaves you can't really blame Punk because the WWE has gotten progressively worse and I think it's gotten to Punk that if he accepts, he's going to retain his heel status but if he doesn't then he can go somewhere else, maybe to a rising company and help them out, who knows maybe he could return to ROH and become the Face of the Company.. Nobody knows.

    But just take it for what it's worth.

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    CM Punk doesn't need WWE. From what Ive understand he saves the money he gets so he can without a problem leave and do maybe 1-4 indy shows per month and still have alot of money.. And doing that he can come back better than he was before..

    Just look at Jericho. He left, came back 2 years later, and then did the best stuff he had done in his entire career. I will miss him from WWE since he is one that can hold the whole show together, but if he wants to leave then I wont stop him..

    He can do whatever he wants.. Its not really my business

  • "For what it’s worth, a source close to CM Punk says WWE made him a new contract offer last week and he’s expected to stick around."

    No offense but you tell me, where in that sentence does it says CM Punk is taking a break. If anything we should be happy because it looks like he's going to resign with the company.

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    This might be a smart move. If he takes a break now, he might get a bigger contract down the road. Why WWE pay him to rest, then come back? If he were to sign a one year contract, then he wouldn't have to do anything for 2/3's of it to collect his money.

    I probably just confused most of you.

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    If CM wants to leave and relax for 4 to 7 months then i think it would be great for him [ Even if i will miss him ] at least i know he will be back. But if this is true what the article says then great. CM PUNK RULES !!!!!

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    If he does ... Well I think he may be doing whats for the best .. He is Crapping on him Gimick ..

    The Straight edge is Gone

    Hes a leader with Crap follwers of An old gang Who was Beaten to get in

    Such Losers

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    He should leave WWE and go back to ROH or TNA, where u aren't on the road all the time and he would also be used more and most likely become heavyweight champ. WWE is waisting a talent.

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    I don't usually pay attention to this internet crap since it is all rumors with little truth behind it. However I hope this one is true because Id hate for CM Punk to go :/

  • good for punk bad for new nexus because they wont have a leader

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