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was pablo neruda against communism?

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    "On March 4, 1943 Neruda was elected a Communist party senator for the northern provinces of Antofagasta and Tarapacá in the arid and inhospitable Atacama Desert.[23] He officially joined the Communist Party of Chile four months later."

    So... I'm going to say he was for communism (:

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    Neruda was definitely a Communist and a supporter of Salvador Allende, a Marxist who was democratically elected president of Chile. Neruda was a winner of the Nobel Prize and widely popular among the masses In the early 1970's Allende and his government were overthrown by a C.I.A. backed fascist dictator named Pinochet. Allende and many of his supporter like Neruda were murdered or imprisoned. It is not known for certain what happened to Neruda other than that he died immediately following the Pinochet military coup. It has been maintained that he died of cancer but his bodyguards argue that he was murdered by the Pinochet regime. His body has been exhumed to do an autopsy.

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