help for: Anna Mariah (Andersen or Troedsdotter) Anderson?

I am working on my family tree and have been using the free account. Unfortunately I am running into some roadblocks.

I am hoping that someone with a full account will be kind enough to look up some info for me. Please don't respond with answer that I need to buy it myself. I already know that.

In order to make it worth someone's time I am creating an individual question for each person I am looking for on my family tree. That way you could get points for each time you help me find an ancestor.

For this question I am looking for any info, including parent info for:

Anna Mariah (Andersen or Troedsdotter) Anderson, who was born in Stockholm, Sweden and came to America between 1869 and 1947. Father's name may have been Troed. Thanks.


Anna Mariah was born 1865 and died 1947. Married to Peter Christian Anderson who was born 1859 and died 1935. They both lived in San Francisco for some time where Peter was a Trolley driver. Then they moved to Lewis County, WA, possibly in Adna, Curtis, Claquato, Chehalis, Edna, Littell, Pleasant Hill, Pomona, Ruth, Wildwood, or Winlock.

Update 2:

Forgot Boisfort (Baw Faw) and Eagleton.

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    Where did she settle and who was her spouse? Children? Birth and Death?

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