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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書教學 · 1 decade ago

20分搵人幫我planning an outint好急幫幫手

~~~Planning an outing ~~~

You are going to a camping trip with yours class.There are 5members in your group and you are the leader.Your job is to plan some activites for your groupso that everyone will enjoy the day.

unfortunately,the weather beomes very unstable the day before your trip.Plan some activities with the help of a weather forecast,and a leaflet giving onformation about the opening hours of the different camp activities.

Outdoor basketball courts(7am-11am)Barbecue site (9am-9pm)Outdoor tennis courts (1pm-5pm)Library (9am-5pm)Gym room (1pm-8pm)Indoor swimming pool (9am-6pm) Karaoke room(9am-3pm)Movie theatre(7pm-1am)Canteen(6am-10pm)Game center(3pm-6pm)

Here's the 6:30 weather forecast:

Tomorrow, the weather will be sunny and hot in the morning. There will be some rain in the afternoon and weather will et worse later in the afternoon. In the evening, the weather is going to get better and it will be cool and comfortable

Write about 120words and

*inform them about the weather condition of the next day.

*explain to your group members what activities they"ll have in the morning . in the afternoon. and in the evening and

*tell them why you have chosen those activities.

搵人幫幫手 我今日之內要做到





幫幫手 好急

Update 2:

我要既係英文= =

Update 3:

用英文作= =



Update 4:


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    ~ ~ ~ 規劃郊遊 ~ ~ ~你要跟你野營類。您的組中有 5members 和你是的領先者。你的工作是計畫,您都將享受一天的 groupso 的一些活動。

    不幸的是,天氣 beomes 非常不穩定此行的前一天。計畫的天氣預報和一份小冊子,提供有關不同營活動的開放時間 onformation 説明一些活動。

    室外籃球法院 (上午七時至十一時) 燒烤網站 (上午 9-9 下午) 室外網球場 (1-5 下午) 庫(上午九時至下午)健身房(下午一時至晚上八時)室內游泳池 (上午 9-6 下午)卡拉 Ok 室(上午九時至下午)電影院(上午七時-1)食堂(上午 6-10 下午)遊戲中心(3-6 下午)

    這裡是 6: 30 天氣預報:明天的天氣會陽光和熱在早上。下午會有雨,天氣將與在下午晚些時候更糟。傍晚,天氣要變得更好,會涼爽與舒適

    120Words 寫和* 通知他們第二天的天氣情況。* 您的小組成員,解釋什麼活動他們"將在上午。下午。在晚上和* 告訴他們為什麼選擇了這些活動

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