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沛玄 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


"I really wanted to take that Spanish class, but I missed the boat.

I didn't call the college until yesterday, and by then it was full. What about your Spanish class? I guess it's full too?"

"Well, yeah, there are only supposed to be fifteen students, but that's not

setting in stone.

There's a chance they might decide to let a couple more in.

I'll keep it posted.

這三個俚語的中文是什麼意思? 我的中文成度很差,I really need your help!

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    miss the boat.

    表面上是船開走了. 引申意思是說, 沒趕上截止時間.

    miss the boat,

    1. Lit. to miss out (on something); to be ignorant (of something)

    2. Fig. to have made an error; to be wrong.


    setting in stone (set in stone)

    firmly established and very difficult to change

    另一個用法, set in concrete.


    post 在這裡是當動詞. 是announce告知的意思.

    最常用的方式是, 如果你在追一個消息, 你會跟對方說, keep me posted. 有新消息要告訴我.

    另一個用法是, keep me updated.

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    我真的需要你的説明 !

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    miss the boat 是錯失良機的意思

    set in stone 是一成不變的意思

    keep it post 依據這邊的上下文來看應該是會隨時注意這門課的情況的意思吧


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