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Function 意思是 "功能" 還是 "函數" ?

Use Advanced Size Function The Use Advanced Size Function option provides greater control over sizing functions. Advanced size functions control the following properties: Angles between normals for adjacent mesh elements (curvature-type size functions) Number of mesh elements employed in the gaps between two geometric entities (proximity-type size function) Gradation between minimum and maximum sizes based on a specified growth rate (all size functions) Options for Use Advanced Size Function are Off, On: Proximity and Curvature, On: Proximity, On: Curvature and On: Fixed. The default is Off, unless Physics Preference is set to CFD, in which case the default is On: Curvature. The option you choose determines which refinement mechanisms are activated in the Advanced Size Function, as described in the following sections. Controls that are common to all types of advanced size function include Min Size, Max Face Size, Max Size, and Growth Rate. The Min Size and Max Size specifications represent, respectively, the global minimum and global maximum allowable element size. The Max Face Size specification represents the global maximum allowable size of the elements created by the free surface meshers of the supported methods. The Growth Rate represents the increase in element edge length with each succeeding layer of elements from the edge or face. For example, a growth rate of 1.2 results in a 20% increase in element edge length with each succeeding layer of elements.


這邊的 Function 意思是 功能 還是 函數 ????

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    這篇文章中的 Function 是指「功能」。

    - 通常 Function 在數學上譯作函數,但這篇文章並不涉及數學。

    - 第一句 "The Use Advanced Size Function optionprovides greater control over sizing functions.",說這個 Function 可控制(control)大小(sizing)。第二句 "Advanced sizefunctions control the following properties:" 亦說這個 Function 可控制(control)以下(the following)性能(properties)。可控制性能的是功能,不是函數。

    - 第二段第一句 "Options for Use Advanced Size Functionare Off, On: Proximity and Curvature",說這是 Function 可選擇開(On)或關(Off)鄰近(Proximity)和曲率(Curvature)等性能,開關是功能,不是函數。

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    尾三行的 增長率(Growth Rate),是一項可被 "Use Advanced Size Function" 控制的一項性能。文字中並沒有任何數學函數的計算。

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    旁邊的 Function 意思是函數

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