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口試要用 中翻英(急急急~~)

英聽可是要用(可用日常用語)簡單就好~ 但不要用翻譯機 因為翻起來句子會怪怪的~~~以下是要翻譯的句子 謝謝各位的幫忙

1.哈囉!還不錯囉!我剛從國外回來呢! 2.這是我朋友阿!3.你正要去哪阿?4.夷~為什麼自己帶杯子阿!5.那我想吃我最愛的泡芙6.好吧!!那你也吃蛋糕好了7.他外酥內軟、層次豐富,讓人吃了回味無窮,我可以一口接著一口吃,停不下嘴,而且在歐洲國家泡芙可是出現在皇室上的重要甜點,剛好跟我很搭配,不是嗎?8.感覺泡芙的製作很簡單勒!!9.不如下次就到我家動手做做看10.時間不早了!!!我們要去Motel休息了下次見囉!11.





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    1.Hello! Pretty good! I just returned from abroad

    2.This is my friend!

    3.Where are you going now?

    4.Why should we need to bring own cup?

    5.Then I wants to eat my favorite cream puffs

    6.All right!! well you can eat cake ,too's seems like making cream puffs is easy

    9.inferior to you can come to my house and do it yourself next time

    10.It's getting late!!!we are going to the motel for rest,see you next time!

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    1.Hello! Not bad Hello! I just returned from abroad-it!

    2.This is my friend Ah!

    3.You're about to go at?

    4.Why bring your own cup Yi ~ Ah!

    5.Then I want to eat my favorite cream puffs

    6.All right!! you have good cake

    7.His crisp outside and soft inside, the level of rich people eat food for thought, I could then one bite to eat, stop no less than the mouth, but also in European countries, cream puffs, but in the important royal dessert, just like I am with, not you ?

    8.Making sense of very simple puff Le!!

    9.Better hands next to my house-wide desire for

    10.The hour is late!!! We're going to see you next time Motel rest!

    11.butter into the pan with water heating, to the butter has melted and the water is boiling, turn off screen into the flour, mix well.

    Beaten egg first, then slowly add egg batter several times, while rapid stirring.

    Batter will puff filled piping bag out of the baking sheet the same size circle shape.

    Bake about 25 minutes

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