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The group-value theory proposed by Lind and Tyler suggests it is concern over long-term relationships with third party decision makers or institutions represented by third parties that drives people to base judgments of procedural justice on issues related to this relationship in addition to the distribution of control or outcome favorability. Group-value theory assumes that people find group membership rewarding and that information regarding an individual’s status within the group (or standing) is valued due to several factors including, but not limited to, an individual’s need for emotional support, self validation, and the acquisition of material resources. People are also assumed to be concerned with trust in the benevolence of and the neutrality of authorities; primarily to ensure that equal treatment by authorities will result in an equitable distribution of resources over time (Tyler, 1989, 1994).

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    該集團提出價值理論 Lind和泰勒表明,它是關注長期的合作關係與決策者或第三方機構為代表的第三方驅使人們判斷依據程序正義的問題與此相關的關係,除了分佈控制或結果好感。集團價值的理論假設,人們發現組成員獎勵和信息關於個人的地位本集團內(或站立)的價值由於多種因素,包括但不限於個人的需要情感上的支持,自我驗證,以及收購物力。人們也認為是關心與信任,在仁和的中立機構;主要是為了確保平等的待遇,當局會導致資源的公平分配隨著時間的推移(泰勒,1989,1994)。

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