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United States Armed Forces list?

what forces do they have? i know they have . Marines, army, navy, air forces.. and what else??

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    - United States Army - consisting of the Regular Army (RA), the Reserve Components of the Army Reserve (USAR) and the Army National Guard (ARNG)

    - United States Marine Corps - consisting of the regular US Marine Corps (USMC) and the US Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR)

    - United States Navy - consisting of the regular US Navy (USN) and the US Navy Reserve (USNR)

    - United States Air Force - consisting of the regular US Air Force (USAF), the US Air Force Reserve (USAFR) and the Air National Guard (ANG)

    All Services are supported by appropriate departmental civilian employees.

    While acknowledged as the fifth uniformed service, the United States Coast Guard is normally part of the Department of Homeland Security. There are legal provisions for the USCG and it's reserve component, the USCGR, to become part of the US Navy in wartime or national emergency.

    Source(s): 23 years active duty
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  • Anonymous
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    Marines, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy and National Guard( might be part of the Army).

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