How to convert "WD 1TB" external hard drive from NTFS to FAT-32?

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i want to transfere movies "12 gb each file" from my pc to ps3 ...1080p :) so i heard that ps3 doesn't recognize NTFS and i already have my movies in my hard drive. more
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  • Dean answered 3 years ago
Firstly you can't "convert" without formatting, and you can't format without erasing... so you'll have to move those files.

The only issue you now face is the max file size on FAT32 of 4GB. Each file can only be as large as 4GB (4GB minus 1 byte). So you wouldn't be able to hold one 12GB file on your 1TB HD in FAT32.

The actual converting (formatting) is simple enough, although depending on your Operating System can be annoying. The fact that it's NTFS means I'm going to assume you're using WIndows.

In 2K/XP/Vista you can simply right click the volume in "My Computer" ("Computer" in Vista) and select "Format". From the new dialogue you'll be able to select FAT32. Under Windows 7 all that is still there except there's no FAT32 option; meaning the only way to do it under Windows 7 without third-party software is to use the command line format command with certain parameters. Although in my experience this takes forever; I recommend googling some third-party software that can format to FAT32 under Windows 7.

But then I must reiterate my point about file size limits. No single file above 4GB on a FAT32- which would be ok if you were transfering between computers; as you could split the file into multiple RAR or ZIP archives, but unfortunately the PS3 can't extract and recompile files like that.

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ye i've heard about the 4gb ...thanks for making me sure of this

and btw i use win7 ... unfortunatly for doesn't got the NTFS technology :s
shame on sony for this and shame on them for being hacked :p.

thanks mate ..and thanks to all who tryed answering :)
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  • 0intel answered 3 years ago
    This is how:

    Use the convert utility:

    To convert an existing FAT or FAT32 volume to NTFS, follow these steps:

    Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt.
    At the command prompt, type the following, where drive letter is the drive that you want to convert:
    convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs
    For example, type the following command to convert drive E to NTFS:
    convert e: /fs:ntfs

    Also note that you should close all the folders on that drive so the tool has exclusive access. If you can't get exclusive access eject the drive and then plug it in and try again



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