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Most popular TWIN girl names 2010?

This is the American list for the most popular girl-girl twin sets of 2010.

---> What are your top 2 sets?

---> If you could mix and match any of the names what girl-girl set would you make?

---> If you had twin girls what would they be called? (Not neccesarily off this list)

1.Ella, Emma 44

2.Olivia, Sophia 42

3.Gabriella, Isabella 34

4.Faith, Hope 32

5.Ava, Emma 28

6.Isabella, Sophia 25

7.Madison, Morgan

8.Ava, Ella 21

9.Ava, Olivia 21

10.Mackenzie, Madison 21

11.Abigail, Isabella

12.Abigail, Emma

13.Hailey, Hannah 19

14.Makayla, Mackenzie 19

15.Addison, Avery 17

16.Elizabeth, Emily 17

17.Ava, Mia 16

18.Heaven, Nevaeh 16

19.Abigail, Emily 14

20.Emma, Olivia 14

21.London, Paris 14

22.Chloe, Claire 13

23.Mia, Mya 13

24.Anna, Emma 12

25.Ariann, Brianna 12

26.IsabellaOlivia 12

27.Abigail, Lillian 11

28.Addison, Ava 11

29.Emma, Isabella 11

30.Samantha, Sophia 11

31.Ella, Olivia 10

32.Emma, Hannah 10

33.Emma, Mia 10

34.Faith, Grace 10

35.Madison, Makenzie 10

36.Madison, Olivia 10

37.Abigail, Olivia 9

38.Annabella, Isabella 9

39.Chloe, Zoe 9

40.Elizabeth, Isabella 9

41.Elizabeth, Victoria 9

42.Jada, Jade 9

43.Julia, Sophia 9

44.Kayla, Kylie 9

45.Madison, Megan 9

46.Mia, Sophia 9

47.Natalie, Olivia 9

48.Paige, Payton 9

49.Serenity, Trinity 9

50.Valentina, Valeria 9


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Also, ignore the numbers at the side of the names on the right

The left number is obvs the rank though :)

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    Emma & Mia

    Isabella & Olivia

    Ella & Mya

    Elizabeth & Emma

    Emma & Lilah

    Callie & Ella

    Can I just say, Nevaeh and Heaven is popular!? Some people have issues!

    Fun :-)

  • 9 years ago

    Man, people are really all about the matchy sh!t. Jada and Jade? Mia and Mya? Chloe and Zoe? Heaven and Nevaeh? Really?

    The only ones I like from those sets:

    Julia and Sophia

    Natalie and Olivia

    Abigail and Lillian

    Ava and Emma

    Some more sets:

    Rory and Claira

    Linnea and Mallory

    Mirah and Naomi

    Nico and Lila

    Sydney and Miranda

    Adrianne and Julia

  • 9 years ago

    My favorites: Olivia & Abigail and Abigail & Lillian

    My combo: Lillian & Sophia "Lily & Sophie"

    My twin pair: Olive & Ivy or Ivy & Mira

    #19 is Hailey and Hannah which are my and my sister's names! I just thought it was funny that there are so many siblings names Hailey and Hannah. However, Hannah is a twin, but her twin is named Kate which is not on the list.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Top 2:

    Elizabeth & Victoria

    Abigail & Lillian

    Mix and match set:

    Mackenzie & Victoria


    Stella & Zoey

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  • 9 years ago

    Poor Twins being named London and Paris.. That's just mean. Heaven and Nevaeh aren't much better..

    The ones I like the most are

    Isabella, Olivia

    Anna, Emma

    Julia, Sophia

    Natalie, Olivia

  • 9 years ago

    Top 2:

    Isabella & Sophia

    Abigail & Isabella

    (and I have to add that the worst is Heaven & Nevaeh!)

    Mix and match set:

    Valentina & Isabella or Valentina & Sophia


    Serena Catherine Ruby & Leah Charlotte Ivy :)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My favorite two sets are: Samantha + Sophia and Valentina + Valeria.

    If I could mix and match, I'd make: Avery + Emily.

    If I had twin girls they'd be called: Catarina + Valentina or Alissa + Ariana or Mia and Zoe.

    :) Hope I helped xx

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Elizabeth and Victoria

    Abigail and Lillian

    Least Favorite:

    Heaven and Nevaeh

    London and Paris

    Mix and Match:

    Victoria and Lillian

    What I would name twins:

    Evelyn Victoria "Evie" and Madeleine Charlotte

  • 9 years ago

    My top 2 sets are Chloe & Claire and Ava & Mia (:

    Mix and match would be Sophia & Hailey :)

    My twin girls would be Estella and Charlotte :D

  • Mara
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    9 years ago

    My top 2 sets are:

    20. Emma, Olivia

    2. Olivia, Sophia

    Mixing and matching, I would go with Emma & Lillian. I would name twins Audrey and Vivian.

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