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Can you see the difference between HD and standard definition tv?

I'm just watching Moonraker and the actor's makeup is so obvious and bad-looking.

I must admit it's the first time I've ever seen a difference.



Yeah I must admit I see the difference if the source is an Xbox or if I use windows 7 (64bit) through it.

Must depend a lot on the source eh?


Update 2:

Does the blur not depend on your tv's refresh rate too, Wullie?


Update 3:

Lol. Yeah go for it. I still can't send that email - must be too large. I'll compose another and attach the images properly later on.


Update 4:

You still get a better (and also HD) picture with plasma Juan, the trouble is they only last a few years. If I planned on replacing it every 3-5 years I'd buy plasma every time.


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    Totally. To me the difference is huge! Porn just pops right off the screen! Can't wait until I get a 3D TV.

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    Nope. My mom wasted money buying a HD for every room when we already had plasma screens and I can't tell the difference except that the Plasma Screen actually seems to resist reflecting light and making it hard to see when the sun is shining through the windows. We switched to Direct TV because they ahd more HD channels, but their channels are all whack and it definitely was not worth it. Digital Cable all the way

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    I remember maybe 20 years ago when HD tv was first being talked about someone from the BBC told me you would be able to see a difference between films shot on 35mm film stock and tv programs shot on 16mm film.

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    Yes, on things like sports. I have 20/20 vision yano :D I don't think that the difference is enough to warrant me buying an HD tv though.

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    Call me a pedant but I can notice a difference between 576i and 576p. As for my 1080i computer comparison.

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    Yes, sometimes - like you say. I don't usually notice much difference, but occasionally something really stands out (so to speak!)

    I've also noticed that when I play Xbox360 games on my HD screen, the graphics are much sharper and more impressive.

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    Oh look! A question that is not about the Rapture!

    EDIT: I sent an Iranian Techno pop song. Just don't slam your head against the monitor screen!

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    you can

    but to be honest, its not my thing, its a little 'oohh ahh thats interesting, look how clear' but i honestly dont give a cr*p,

    im from the days of having to hold or move the ariel in place for ages and static noises, so i dont ask for much,just good tv and im ok

    i used to have to whack my previous tv on the side to get to hear anything ;-)

    im older in my years than my actual age you know dear

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    There is a big difference with hd. You notice it more on animated films. Also, the trails you see with the ball when watching football, golf, tennis etc. aren't there with hd. I first noticed the difference in quality while watching monsters inc.

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    TV was invented in Scotland

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