Can you see the difference between HD and standard definition tv?

I'm just watching Moonraker and the actor's makeup is so obvious and bad-looking.

I must admit it's the first time I've ever seen a difference.

Update: Yeah I must admit I see the difference if the source is an Xbox or if I use windows 7 (64bit) through it.

Must depend a lot on the source eh?

Update 2: Does the blur not depend on your tv's refresh rate too, Wullie?

Update 3: Lol. Yeah go for it. I still can't send that email - must be too large. I'll compose another and attach the images properly later on.

Update 4: You still get a better (and also HD) picture with plasma Juan, the trouble is they only last a few years. If I planned on replacing it every 3-5 years I'd buy plasma every time.

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