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US 2008 Olympic boxing pros...what do you think of them?

Luis Yanez is 4-0-1. Rau'shee Warren stayed amatuer. Gary Russell Jr (who did not get to fight in the Olympics) is 15-0. Raynell Williams stayed amatuer. Sadam Ali is 13-0. Javier Molina is 6-0. Demetrius Andrade is 13-0. Shawn Estrada is 12-0. Deontay Wilder, the only medalist of this bunch, is 16-0...that's a collective record of 79-0-1. What do you think?

Is this carefully matching? Were they all more suited for the professional ranks? Who do you think will have the greatest career of this bunch?


Sadam Ali fought on ESPN Friday Night Fights last night, Veronica. Gary Russell Jr has been one of my favorites since he turned pro. He is a 2 time Golden Glove National Champion...amazing talent. Wilder needs time to develop. Andrade needs to step up his level of competition.

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    Gary Russell jr is the man and the future for not only the US but for boxing to.He will be a p4p king in a few years.

    and my boy Wilder will be on the p4p list too

    both will be American heroes

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    The US will win the various gold due to the fact of its giant quantity of entries. This is a socio ecconomic as good as a populace win. Many international locations simply can't manage to pay for to compete. So even as I aid this nation, I dont believe its a mainly correct manner of choosing "the satisfactory nation" Personally I have now not one lick of curiosity within the Olympics or even much less of an curiosity within the host nation, I will mourne the lack of TV viewing time so they can be incurred by means of the wretched occasion.

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    10 years ago

    i've seen some clips of rau'shee warren on youtube and if he turns pro, he'll be a world champion within no time. one of the fastest boxers i've seen. not only that, but he has as much flair as roy jones junior if not more

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    10 years ago

    I don't know any of them. They fight cans and bums most likely. Is any of them in the top 20 of a weight division? I bloody swear, i have never seen their names before.

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    10 years ago

    russell is my man.

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