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請幫我翻譯這篇中文做英文!唔要google翻譯,網上翻譯! 要報道新聞的格式

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結婚是人生其中一樣最重要的事,每對夫婦也希望有一個難忘的婚禮。在結婚前,有很多東西需要籌備,究竟要籌備什麼?如何令婚禮難忘呢? 梁先生(mike)和呂小姐(connie)是小學同學,早在小四的時候,mike已喜歡connie,但兩人沒有戀愛。在兩年前,他們參加了小學同學會聚會,兩人相認並交換了facebook。他們在facebook上經常交談,慢慢熟絡起來,不久便墮入愛河。 mike和connie會在2011年11月11日結婚,他們早在半年前已開始籌備婚禮,預計整個婚禮會花18萬。Mike說:「籌備婚禮包括影婚紗相,租禮服,訂酒席等等,我們很想有一個難忘的婚禮。」 他們已經影了婚紗相,分別在他們的共同教會聖保羅堂(St. Paul's Church) 、黃金海岸和赤柱,他們更到了北海道影婚紗相。 mike和connie也喜歡鋼琴,他們會把喜帖設計成鋼琴形狀。connie說:「我們想把喜帖設計得特別些,給朋友留下深刻的印象。」 他們是在facebook上結緣的,他們計劃把facebook融入婚宴,他們會把兩人兒時到現在的相片放在facebook上並製成影片,婚宴中,賓客會獲得讚好(like)牌子,在播放影片時,全場人也會舉起這個牌。 為了令賓客對婚宴留下深刻印象,他們把自己的結婚照印上一顆心形水晶上,每位賓客也可獲得這顆水晶。

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    The marriage is the life equally most important matter, to husbands and wives also hoped every time has an unforgettable wedding ceremony. Before the marriage, has many things to need to arrange, can actually arrange what? To be been how unforgettable the wedding ceremony?

    Mr.Liang and Miss Lu is elementary school schoolmate, as early as at small four time, mike has liked connie, but two people do not have the love. Two years ago, they attended the elementary school fellow student association meeting, two people recognized each other and have exchanged facebook. They talk frequently on facebook, slowly winds ripe, soon then falls into the loves river.

    Mike and connie will marry in November 11, 2011, they as early as started a half year ago to arrange the wedding ceremony, estimated that the entire wedding ceremony can spend 180,000. Mike said: “the arrangement wedding ceremony including the shade nuptial dress, rents the formal clothes, subscribes banquet and so on, we very want to have an unforgettable wedding ceremony.”

    They the shade nuptial dress, separately together had already taught the Sao Paulo hall in them (St. Paul' s Church), the gold coast and the Chek Chu, they arrived at the Hokkaido shade nuptial dress.

    Mike and Connie also like the piano, they will design the invitation to wedding the piano shape. connie said: “we want to design specially the invitation to wedding, makes the profound impression to the friend.”

    They are become a buddhist get to know on facebook, they plan facebook integrate the wedding banquet, they will place two person of childhood to present's photograph on facebook and make the movie, in the wedding banquet, the guest will obtain approves the good (like) sign, when will broadcast the movie, the entire audience person will also recommend this sign.

    In order to make the guest to make the deep impression to the wedding banquet, they their wedding picture India in a heart shape quartz, each guest may also obtain this quartz.

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    Married life is one of the most important things, like, every couple also hope to have a memorable wedding. Before marriage have a lot to prepare, what to preparations for what? How to make a memorable wedding it?

    Leung (mike) and Lui (connie) is the primary school students, as early as four times in a small, mike is like connie, but the two did not love. Two years ago, they attended primary school students will be gathering, the two recognize each other and exchanged facebook. They often talk on the facebook, slowly conversational up, soon falling in love.

    mike and connie at November 11, 2011 marriage, they begin preparations as early as six months before the wedding, the wedding is expected to spend 18 million. Mike said: "The wedding planning a wedding including the impact phase, hire dresses, set banquet, etc., we would like to have a memorable wedding. "

    They have video of the wedding phase, respectively, in their common Church St. Paul's Church (St. Paul's Church), Gold Coast and Stanley, they are more compared to the wedding video of Hokkaido.

    mike and connie also like the piano, they will shape the piano designed wedding invitations. connie said: "We want some wedding invitation designed particularly, to a friend left a deep impression. "

    They are the lasting bonds in the facebook, the facebook into their wedding plans, they will both childhood to the present on the photos on facebook and made ​​videos, wedding, guests will be like this (like) sign, In the play the movie, the audience who will lift the card.

    To enable guests to the wedding party was impressed, they put their wedding photos printed on a heart-shaped crystal, crystal Zheke are available to each guest.

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