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一篇小文章 幫忙翻譯!! 急需

翻譯成英文 謝謝" (不要使用網頁翻譯 感謝!!)


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    Myanmar is located in northwestern Indochina, the main language is Burmese and English.

    Songkran festival is an important one in Myanmar every year for 4 days activities, we welcome home for the Buddhist prayer is also splashing each other misfortunes.

    Myanmar because the hot climate, clothing, also according to local conditions, men and women dressed in bright colors are in the habit of "Salon "

    Myanmar's taboo:

    1. because Myanmar is a devout Buddhist nation, so no matter into the temple, see the Master must first take off your shoes, and even can not wear socks, because the Myanmar people believe that shoes are dirty items.

    2. Do not touch the Burmese to free the head, they think the head is the most noble place, or will hurt the Burmese people's dignity.

    3. Myanmar people as dirty as the women's skirts, the skirts of women is strictly prohibited drying over head height. Myanmar man was taboo under the skirts of women from the drying of the drill, think that life would be unlucky.

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