i need a DIVORCE! I married a vampie...cause i fell in love with the accent! live and learn! btw, hes born an?

and raised in transylvania, romania...a real place! a real vampire? i still dont know...anyway, its been 10 years. neither one of us has anyone exciting in their lives, so , there was no hurry to get the paperwork done. but, its time. plus, i heard you could change your name at the same time, for no charge...usually its $3000 and up! i want to change my last name to JAMES...its my sons middle name, and my grandson's. i am broke, like everybody else, at least everybody I know! so, free, or no more than $500...please. im also on S.S. Disability, so there might be some funding there.ive checked, but they never know much.also, we were married in california,,,but now i live in nevada. thank you...i appreciate your help. sheri

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You need to consult an attorney. I understand that you don't have a lot of money, but there are ways to still obtain a divorce and attorneys that will work for cheaper rates, like legal aide. I suggest you start looking there.

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  • butch
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    My 2 sons have been born in basic terms approximately deaf, and the two have getting to grasp disabilities, additionally they have spina bifida. They did have fairly some hardship at school, often previously extreme college with youngsters choosing on them. the teachers did no longer help the two. that they had sucker sticks with needles caught interior the ends thrown at them, yet they had to serve at school suspensions together as the undesirable youngsters have been given away with it. They have been in no way allowed to combat decrease back. They do have troube looking and keeping jobs, and it in basic terms isn't straightforward in any respect. as a result they do have SSI for persons, yet getting on it rather is extremely puzzling in case you basically have getting to grasp disabilities. My youthful son is with a girl who has getting to grasp disabilities, and that they now have a son who's in basic terms over a 365 days previous. He shows no signs and indicators of it, and seems to be extremely sensible so some distance. i like my sons in basic terms as lots with their issues as though they have been general, to me they're. they're truthful, puzzling working, and reliable at issues fairly some general people won't be able to do. One is a mechanic, and would construct or restoration pc's. He taught himself. the different can do workstation classes and has restored previous photograph's that are amazingly carried out. He ought to additionally be a comedian, he's so humorous. when I broke my leg, he had me giggling so puzzling and lots, they did no longer think of it replaced into broke. in basic terms be your self, and each thing will artwork out sweetie. do no longer enable those different youngsters or people get to you. there are various people obtainable in basic terms such as you.

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  • 9 years ago

    And your question is.. ?

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