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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesDallas · 9 years ago

Best private high schools in Dallas, Texas?

ESD, Hockaday, Jesuit... i'm looking for Co-educational schools. Boy and girl. not same sex.

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  • MM
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    9 years ago
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    Greenhill School is good ... Hockaday is girls only school. ESD is too religious oriented.

    But in reality, all private schools are a bunch of bogus expensive schools .... Too many rules and sort of like over fed pigs. They are very poor in the performance. Most of these schools do not admit even one kid to top rated colleges !!! You should wonder whether they are worth the money paid.

    Top rated public schools are much better .... Highland Park, University Park, Southlake are all excellent school districts. Average home prices here are close to million and you have very good neighbors ... high class and rich. So why go to private school at all !!!

    Oh yah, additionally ESD is real average private school ... their price is much lower and attractive for people that cannot afford other schools and yet want to say they are in private school !!!

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  • 9 years ago

    Hockaday is the best girls only school and St. Marks is the best boys only school.

    Jesuit is the best boys only Catholic school and Ursuline is the best girls only Catholic school.

    ESD is a good co-ed school, as is Greenhill, and they are close to each other.

    Prestonwood is a co-ed Baptist school in Plano and is also good.

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  • Muppet
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    9 years ago

    ESD is co-ed.

    Greenhill is co-ed and very exclusive.

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