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GAS is 248.9 in COLUMBIA. Al. at PETRO can anyone beat that? would love to know?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Columbia Alabama for those that read..

    $3.45 gallon here so you got me.


  • 1 decade ago

    We pay almost 3 times that for a postage stamp but then our minimum wage is 13,166 per hour while your is 450 per hour.

    Your price is probably also for 1 liter, not 1 gallon so in comparison 1 gallon of gas in Columbia would cost you 942.18 or about 2 hours wages for 1 gallon.

    In the US one gallon would cost us 34 minuets worth of work. This has the effect of our gas being 8 times easier to afford than yours.

    Based on your minimum pay, what you would earn in 1 month would be earned in less than 6 hours here in the US.

    I'll take the gas prices and living conditions that we have here.


    @✝ Pray ✝

    By golly you just might be right. I would have expected to see this as Columbia, AL

    I was wondering what the heck Ai was.


    Sorry, but when you stated 248.9 and then COLUMBIA I assumed you were talking about the country of Columbia and that 248.9 was in Columbian Pesos.

    Gas where I live is $4.21 a gallon, taxes on gas where I live total $1.21 when you toss in the sales tax so there is no way that California will ever beat that price

  • 1 decade ago

    What? I don't get your statement at all. Your punctuation is off...

    1.) Do you mean $248.90 as in Two hundred forty eight point nine ? or did you mean to say $2.489 as in Two dollars forty eight point nine?

    2.) Columbia. Al. - Is that Columbia in Alabama? or are you referring to Colombia, South America?

    So is that price in Colombian pesos or US dollars? If that is the case, it's not a miracle since one US dollar buys you roughly 1650 Colombian pesos (1). So a gallon would cost roughly $0.15

    In any event... if you are referring to Alabama... I think you're wrong. I looked it up and it states that

    at the Petro South Station, gasoline costs $3.649. Posted with Google 22 days ago (2). I doubt that it would drop from there to 2.489.

  • 1 decade ago

    Ha! At $3.89 I can't even come close to beating that! Lucky Columbia residents.

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