What Kind Of Gangs are on the Navajo Nation?

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  • 10 years ago
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    You mean the idiots that think they are black? They're a joke to all because they are not even proud of thier own heritage. They try to make rez's look like black ghettos.

  • 7 years ago

    Kids these days have way, way too much freedom. Take away some privilages, useless technology, Facebook, and stop them from going out alone, unsupervised. Keep media away from them, or monitor it, such as not letting them watch ANY violent shows on T.V, play violent video games, listen to American black, ghetto music etc. Kids are seriously vulnerable to all the most negative influences that are out there, but they can also be receptive to the good influences, cultural values etc, IF parents work together to protect what they are exposed to, ruthlessly. It IS the only way. They are minors, they are not yet ready to make their own decisions, no matter how smart they may seem. For this reason, they need to have their lives constantly monitored and controlled until they are old enough, and responsible enough to do it for themselves. Kids should NOT drive either. !6 years old is WAY too young for the responsibility of having a drivers license. Also, driving gives them way too much freedom to visit other kids, and generally get into trouble. IF you apply these tough rules. If parents work together with schools etc, to enforce these rules, there will be little,if any, opportunity for the growth or creation of gangs, and the nation will save an awful lot of money too! There should come a time very soon, when there is zero tolerance for gang crime, particularly drugs, break ins, and murder.

  • 4 years ago

    Navajo People want a safe place to raise their children and Good educations in their schools. No one should have to fear drugs and gangs who demean the Dine' K' and guide the children/ youth into situations which ruin lives, families and futures; often killing the young people.

    How about looking at addiction as an epidemic and get them treated via thee courts convictions to rehabilitaion in house for no less than 1 year, according to criminal charges which may be pending at arrest.

  • 10 years ago

    Well I work with the Navajo Nation Drug and Gang Unit in Window Rock Arizona.

    There are at least 286 gangs are on the Navajo Nation in 2007 but the numbers increased.

    The Navajo Nation Police reported that there are 2,000-3,000 gang members living in the Reservation. The number of gangs we have are beginning to increase. The unit and I are trying very hard to fight these crimes on the reservation. We deal with very high graffiti, alcoholism, gang fights, drive-by shootings, murders, drugs, and also we have the right to report these crimes to any authority. Navajo Police are very low on staff for a reservation that is so big. There are Reports made about Navajo Gangs. Navajo Gangs began in the 90s and has increase over the years. Yet the young people have no respect for their culture and their sacred land and its affecting the Navajo Way of life. We as the Police have to fix our nation's sacred land and people. Here in Window Rock area are the Insane Cobra Nation, Dragons, West Side Crips, Bloods, All Star Krew, East Side Famous Boyz, and some have been popping up recently. On the East Side or the Navajo Nation are West Side Crips, Bloods, Native Pride Gang, Southwest Raiders, Surenos, Native Maniacs, Insane Clown Posse, Crazy Navajo Ryders, Rollin 60s, East Side Bloods, and so on. On the South Side of the Reservation are the Insane Young Cobra Nation, Blaze up Kru, Native Posse, Gangsta Bloods, Royal Crips, Red Nation Warriors, Dragons, and so on. On the West Side of the Reservation are the Red Nation Warriors, West Side Chiefs, SS Surenos, Hells Angels, Dine' Pride, NDNs, Redskin Kings, Dine' Warriors, Brown Society Click, East Side Bloods, Warrior Boyz, Warrior Girlz, Native Pride Gang, Wicked Jugglos, Arizona Redmans, Nortenos, and others have reports to. On the North Side is the Nortenos, Surenos, Warrior Boyz, Warrior Girlz, South Side Mobsters, Gangsta Crips, West Side Kings, Lechee Bloods, Native Pride Gang, Dine' Pride, 420 Boyz, Warrior Society, 4 corner Gang, Az Savages, and others have popping up as well.

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    Dine Pride

  • 10 years ago

    Ask the Nation police.

  • 6 years ago

    See fo yoself, fools! Instead of judging us Natives. That fo dem white people who think they better than us. We just tryna be somebody!!

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