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Do You Like Heavy Metal?

My Top 15 Heavy Metal Bands (80s Version)

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As always, I greatly appreciate it when you comment on, and rate my video

MA: Do you like Heavy Metal?

BA: Your favorite Heavy Metal band, album, and song?

BA2: My video, yay or nay?


On a different list I haven't done yet Carver.

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    I HATE Heavy Metal.

    BA- Justin Beiber.

    BA2- NAY!!!!!

    OK..maybe I exaggerate.

    I like Heavy metal OK, I guess.

    BQ- I would say Iron Maiden, but IDK if they "fit" your description. And obviously, Diamond Head falls into the same boat, aka under your NWOBHM list. (and picking ones that don't count as Power Metal, thrash, etc)

    So, Blitzkrieg or Cirith Ungol. Song "Blitzkrieg", album King of the Dead or A Time of Changes

    **EDIT** hey.. Sugar is throwing up the horns... it's just a little while longer til we get him to start chanting "SHOUT! SHOUT! SHOUT! Shout at the Devil!" mwahahahaha! =P

    (now THAT would confirm that the world is INDEED ending at 6pm Pacific time today!)

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    Sup DMaul...

    I've always dug heavy metal

    BA: This is a straight up tie between Judas Priest and Dio

    Sad Wings of Destiny ~ Judas Priest...I was hooked after the first listen of...

    The Ripper ~

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    Holy Diver ~ Dio...Been a Dio fan since Elf/Rainbow/Sabbath..but his solo career is where he came into his own.

    Invisible ~

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    BA2: Yay and thumbs up DMaul...I'm not sure about Living Colour being on the list and no Judas Priest??..I also consider Iron Maiden to be Heavy Metal as I interpret it anyways IMHO...but still an excellent video and list...Kudos on the Krokus BTW!!!

    Source(s): NP: The Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse ~ Band Of Light
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    Yes I do. Traditional heavy metal is my favorite type of metal.

    BQ1: Iron Maiden, The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills

    BQ2: Yay, sure. Even though I've never even heard of half of those bands in that vid. And where's Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, and Motörhead?

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    My favourite metal band is actually a tie between Metallica and Megadeth, kinda hard to chose.

    My favourite Metallica album: Ride The Lightning

    My favourite Megadeth album: Peace Sells

    Cool video

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    Cool. A lot of that took me back a bit. And Fastway, I haven't even thought of them in a very long time. What song was that? What happened to them?

    MA - Yes.

    BA - From that era? W.A.S.P., self titled debut - On Your Knees. And, Inside the Electric Circus - Shot From The Hip.

    BA2 - yay. Very cool.

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    MA: yes :)

    BA: sabbath, metallica, maiden, master of puppets hmm cant think right now lol

    BA2: yay :)

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    Favorite genre

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    did sugar just put up little horns?? ok, its clear that you guys are a bad influence, this is gonna have to be addressed.

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    9 years ago

    ma: yeah man..quiet riot rocks!!?!

    ba: winger, winger, seventeen....pure aged cheese.

    ba2: i don't know, i't would be interesting to see it on paper.

    \m/ \m/

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