please rate my names?

here are my names please rate out of 10 ( 10 being best) and pick your favourite. Also suggestions are welcome! last name is Kenedy

Teddy James

Theo James

Cleo Mason

Jack Allen (allen is family name)

Jason Thomas

Jonah Patrick

please rate mainly first names aswell! :D


Also i forgot Reuben Wesley !

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  • 9 years ago
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    7 Teddy James/Theo James - Go with Theodore James and nickname Teddy or Theo, then it'd be a 10.

    -1 Cleo Mason - Sorry, Cleo is a girl's name.

    7 Jack Allen - I'd go with John and use Jack as a nickname instead.

    9 Jason Thomas - Great!

    8 Jonah Patrick - Wonderful!

    7 Reuben Wesley - Another great choice!

    By the by, with the last name Kenedy, I don't know that I'd go with Theodore (Teddy/Theo) or John (Jack). You could put the names in reverse, though. James Theodore and Allen John. At least then no one would think you're naming them after the Kennedy family of US political fame.

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  • 9 years ago

    Teddy James - not too bad for the whole name 6.5/10 i like James mostly though. Teddy doesnt seem like a name that would age well...what about Theodore? Teddy - 5/10

    Theo James - 6/10, dont really like Theo as a first name, like Teddy better. Theo - 4/10

    other names that go w/James: Thomas James, Tanner James, Timothy James

    Cleo Mason - 6/10, i like Theo better than Cleo, Cleo is 4/10 for me too though

    Carter Mason, Andrew Mason?

    Jack Allen (allen is family name) - 7/10 pretty nice. other suggestions are Jim Allen, Jordan Allen, James Allen. Jack - 8/10, but for me Jack Allen doesnt flow too well. Allen is nice though

    Jason Thomas - nice 8/10 and Jason - 7.5/10

    Jonah Patrick - 8/10 again. Jonah - 6.5/10 but they flow well together.

    i like the last three names the best...hope i helped (:

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  • Teddy James - 2/10 , Teddy really isn't a great name, sorry. I like James though.

    Theo James - 9/10 , Love this name! Theo is one of my faves, this is definitely usable.

    Cleo Mason - 5/10 , Im on the fence about this, I think Cleo is a girls name, doesn't really work for me though coz it was my nanny's cats name, sorry lol. Love Mason though.

    Jack Allen - 7/10 , I like this one too, Jack is also on my favourites list, and totally useable!

    Jason Thomas - 8/10 Really like this one, its so cute, has a nice ring to it, again Jason is one of my favourite names! haha

    Jonah Patrick - 6/10 , Im not crazy on Jonah but its not unusable its a cute name.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Cleo is a girl name. How about Thomas Jason Kenedy?

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