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Barbra asked in Society & CultureLanguages · 10 years ago

What would be the best thing to do?

A almost 60 year old woman at my church thinks removing both breast is the only thing for her to do. She recently found out from her doctor; that she has one , very small spot of cancer on one of her breasts.

Something inside of me thinks that is way too drastic. I wish she would just remove what they know is there and wait and see what happens. She thinks it would be better to remove all of both of both of them and be done with them.

I think this woud be too drastic for deal with. There must be a better way.

Why rermove a breast that doesn't have anything wrong with it?

I think that taking both off would be too traumatizing her to deal with.

she also has cereble palsey. She is worrying about being lop sided; making it difficult to get around. She is a small lady.


She asked through our church; for help with her situation. That is why I was looking for suggestions to help her.

Sorry, some of you were inconvienced.

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    10 years ago
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    Are you very close to her? Interfering in her medical choices would be very nervy of you and almost certainly not welcomed. I am sure her doctor has already told her that a double mastectomy is not the best option, but in the end it is her decision. Still, if she is opening the subject, you could tell her about your concern or suggest she get a second medical opinion. I think most reputable doctors would probably not want to go so drastic. Just be kind and don't push it, and above all don't say that about "wait and see what happens". That makes it sound like she might have to go through the whole thing again if the lumpectomy is not successful. Even stubborn people can listen to reason, if that reason doesn't come across as another strong-willed person trying to impose judgment on her.

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    10 years ago

    First, this is the wrong section to ask this question.

    Secondly, at the age of 60, cancer is much less virulent than it is in a 20-year-old, so removing both breasts is rather drastic. Get her to talk to an expert in the field.

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    That is her decision, and you need to respect her choice as final. You shouldn't get involved.

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