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why the poor tracking on my point65 tequila kayak?

i find it very difficult to keep my Point65 Tequila in straight line, even worse when in tandem. it is taking the fun away. am i doing something wrong or is it the kayak and i should get rid of?

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    Because it's a short and wide and poorly designed novelty boat. Most sit on top kayaks track poorly anyway due to the width and flat bottoms and this modular thing is a real sled, or so I've heard. Rent or borrow a real kayak (a sit inside solo sea kayak that fits you right, at least 14 feet long) and feel the difference. What you are paddling is the equivalent of a minivan -- a good sea kayak is like a Porsche.

    Knowing how to paddle helps too -- you don't paddle by windmilling your arms and shoulders while your body faces forward. With each stroke, plant the paddle close to the boat ahead of you and then twist your body that way, pulling the paddle past your hip using your abs, not your shoulders. If you are doing it right you will feel the opposite side butt cheek lift off the seat. A good paddle will make a difference too -- for such a wide boat you should have one at least 240 cm long and a fiberglass paddle with a bit of flex and a scooped blade will be much easier to use and probably faster.

    But it's mostly the kayak. Dump it on some sucker and get yourself a real boat.

    Source(s): avid kayaker
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  • brott
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    4 years ago

    Tequila Kayak

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  • 7 years ago

    It all depends on your purpose of your kayak. If you are using it for fishing then the tequila kayak will work great. But if it's speed performance then you just have to follow the lady's advice.

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  • 6 years ago

    i won`t dump mine ,i bought mine for it being compact and

    being stable .it can cope with the average large waves

    if you want to surf,you need a surf board.

    On the whole i am pleased with my purchase, i have glued

    a compass to the bow in case the fog comes down

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