Bobblez asked in PetsFish · 9 years ago

Can Dwarf Gouramis be in the same tank as Angelfish?

someone told me that angels

should mix with gouramis

but other websites and ppl say that its ok

i will have 3 dwarf gourami

1 pleco

5-6 cories

and i was considering neon tetras or glofish

but i would prefeer maybe 3 angels

and 3 silver dollars ?

i read that they both do well with dwarves

but i want to make sure

what do u think ?

all comments and tips are appreciated =)

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  • Ysbeth
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    9 years ago
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    Angels grow to 4 inches and silver dollars get to about 6 inches. You would need a huge tank to mix all those fish - atleast a 75 gallon. You would also need a tank standing by so you could seperate your gouramis if it doesn't work. Adult angels can be very mean. They are cichlids.

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  • rozele
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    3 years ago

    till now determining to purchase Kissing Gouramis, be conscious that they do get fairly massive (a foot long) and are not truly proper for the traditional tank. to boot, they're mildly aggressive, and angels are territorial. with a view to have the skill to maintain Angels and Kissing Gouramis at the same time for any prolonged era. i might wish your tank is a minimum of seventy 5 gallons. Any much less and you ought to easily save on with the small gourami varieties. Dwarf Gourami's are plenty, plenty smaller and that they does no longer stand lots of a raffle if something of the fish desperate they did no longer like the corporation of the dwarf. on the different hand, in the experience that your tank is gigantic adequate and adorned nicely adequate, they might no longer additionally be observed by the extra beneficial tankmates, in spite of the undeniable fact that i does no longer do the mixture myself. In a common persons sized tank (20-50 gallons) i might truly in simple terms circulate with the Dwarf and forget the Kissers.

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  • dallas
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    9 years ago

    except for the angels all the fish on your list are peaceful and will get along just fine

    angels are considered to be semi-aggressive and will tend to pick on anything smaller than them

    i would suggest that if You plan to get an angel and a dwarf gourami you purchase them at the same time and of approximately the same size this will help to break up the aggression tendency's

    here is a site i find useful in deciding which fish to get for my tanks

    Source(s): self 35 years raising fish
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  • 9 years ago

    i would not do it. in my tank i try and keep fish that has the same temperament together . dwarf gourami is a peaceful i would not mix it with an Angelfish b/c they can be aggressive eater and can also be aggressive to other fish.

    ( if you do keep your eye on it)

    Source(s): 29 gallon freshwater tank, 55 gallon reef tank, and a 2(10) gallon Seahorse tank.
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