10 points, class help?

i need imidate help for this asighment thats due monday any one who helps me i highly apreciate it plz help! i need the steps/ answers typed plz help!

1. What are the margins for MLA format?

2. Type the directions for setting a margin.

3. What format do you use for paragraphs in the body of your paper?

4. What are the two items in a header and how are they aligned?

5. How do you insert a page number in a document using MLA format?

6. What size should the font be for MLA format?

7. Use the Internet to define a serif font. Type this sentence using a serif font.

8. Use the Internet to define a sans serif font. Type this sentence using a sans serif font.

9. What size font is the title using MLA format?

10. When do you use bold lettering in MLA format?

11. For the Works Cited page answer the questions below:

Type the step to create a new page.

What is the first item you type on the page?

Describe a hanging indent.

Write the directions to format the “Works” to hanging indent.

12. Define plagiarism.

13. How are internet (web) sources cited on the Works Cited page?

14. What happens if I cut and paste parts of documents or websites from the web and claim it as my own work in this class?


excuse me for spelling wrong since im in a hurry

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    1. Set one inch margins at the top, bottom, and on both sides. Indent the first word of each paragraph one-half inch from the left margin. When using a word processing program, you may use the Tab key to indent for each paragraph. Indent set-off quotations one inch from the left margin. The right margin should remain normal.

    2.To set the margins, select File and Page Setup from the Menu Bar.

    Make sure the "Margins" tab is selected.

    Enter 1" for each of the margin settings.

    Click OK.

    3. Use a reasonably-sized font: either 10 characters per inch or a 12 point font. And choose a font that is easy to read rather one that is decorative: "Arial," "Lucida," "Modern," "Palermo" or "Times New Roman" are some good choices. Scripted fonts are hard to read even if they do make your paper "look nice"; it is the content of the paper that is most important, and making it easy for your readers to understand that content is always a good choice.

    4. The Heading and Title

    5.Insert + Page Numbers dialog

    6.12 point font.

    7.In typography, serifs are semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols. A typeface that has serifs is called a serif typeface (or seriffed typeface). (Basically they are the little flicks at the end of the letters)

    For this question write a sentence in Font: Times New Roman.

    8. Noun: A style of type without serifs.

    For this question write a sentence in Font: Arial.

    9. Also 12 point font.

    10. Bold-type or italicize the titles enclosed into the quotation remarks given;

    Bold-type or italicize the parts that you want to emphasize.

    11. Click on the page and hold down Enter until new page appears

    The first thing you type on a works cited page is 'Works Cited'

    hanging indent: Indentation of a paragraph in which all lines except the first are indented

    This website should tell you everything about the format of Works Cited to hanging indent http://dukeofdefinition.com/Speech_WorksCited_Pack...

    When creating your Works Cited Page, remember to:

    Begin the Works Cited on a new page, but number consecutively (i.e., if the last page of your essay is page 3, the Works Cited is page 4)

    Alphabetize each entry by first letter

    Use italics for all titles of books, magazines, films, etc.

    You do NOT need to include the URL on internet sources unless specifically required.

    Put quotation marks around the titles of poems, short stories, and articles

    Indent the 2nd line, the 3rd line, and all subsequent lines of each citation

    12.The practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's.

    13. (Use website stated on question 11)

    14. That's up to your teacher so I wouldn't know :)

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    The best website for finding out anything you need to know about MLA formatting is Purdue OWL. This link will take you to the beginning of their write-up. You will need to use the menu on the left side of the web page to progress:


    Any other answers to questions, such as a definition for "plagiarism", can be found through a google search.

    Good luck to you!

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    I've never known anyone to use MLA Formatting in a professional business - you should tell your teachers they are old and outdated - time to modernize

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